Artdeco Lip Lacquer Reviews

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I want to tell you about my new lip gloss Lip lasquer well-known German brand Artdeco.

My shade # 15, one of the brightest in the modest palette of this line of glosses, in fact he medium brown with a grayish tint, but depending on the lighting, you can catch a faint dirty purple hue, or even a tea rose, but this is very rare).

I don’t know what color hooked me, apparently the moment has come when pink and red tones fed up and the soul demanded chocolate tones). If you apply very little, the gloss will be nude, barely noticeable, but your lips will give a pleasant well-groomed appearance. With intensive application, you should pay attention to the rest of the makeup, for example, I like to wear it with beige, purple and gray satin shades of shadowsIt blends nicely. WITH blue and green shades of lips look like inanimate. But these are just tips from personal experience, everyone has a different appearance, so try it).
Swatch : (in daylight)

With a close flash
Artificial lighting:

I hasten to note that in many photos the lip color turned out to be somewhat pinkish, in reality it looks colder.
Detailed opinion: shine in a nice black packaging, I note the style, agree the appearance of cosmetics is equally important. The smell is not very strong, but pleasant, for some reason it reminds me of the smell of dry cocoa nesquik)). The only thing that upset it volume 4 ml(!), by the look of the tube you can’t tell, apparently decided to replace the quantity with a stylish dense package.
In terms of quality, I also have no complaints, for me it is absolutely comfortable on the lips, it is not sticky, it does not roll, but it softly leaves the lips, I do not even check it during the day, I know that everything is OK. In terms of durability, it is no different from most shines, withstands a couple of hours.
In general, I am very pleased with the purchase, this is my first lip product from ArtDeco, but now I know for sure that it is not the last.

Price: 420 rubles without discounts.
Rating: 5+
Test period: 2 months.
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