Lancome Color Ideal Pressed Powder Reviews

Hello dear beauty maniacs!
Finding the perfect powder is a very troublesome and costly affair. For me personally, the “heart” from YSL was close to ideal. Recently, this powder was discontinued, and I bought YSL Poudre Compacte Radiance Matt & Radiant Pressed Powder - Powder for matte skin radiance (tone 1) - the successor of the "heart". I liked the powder in terms of quality, but it turned out to be very uneconomical - it ended in about a month and a half. So I decided to try another powder - Lancome Color Ideal Pressed Powder.
From the manufacturer in the catalog Beauticians
A little about my skin: combination, with a fat T-zone with expanded pores and normal skin on the cheeks.
What did I expect from powder?
- invisibility on the face
pore alignment
- small correction of deficiencies
-alignment of face tone
So, the design of the powder is simple but convenient. A black case with a traditional golden rose opens 180 degrees.
At a certain angle of illumination, a large rose can be seen on a transparent black cover.
The case is equipped with a large mirror.
Foam latex sponge
The lightest tone - Beige Porcelaine
Fine powder, densely pressed. When typing a little dust, just a little bit.
And now we will analyze the powder by points. It is absolutely invisible on the face, even if you apply it with five layers. Time for its shrinkage on the face is not required, the skin retains a completely natural look - there is no effect of a mask or "dusty peach". The finish is rather matte, but not flat, but slightly satin. No powder is felt on the face. The density of the coating is light.
The situation is more complicated with the pores: when applying the powder with the “native” sponge, the pores remained “holes” - I don’t place any photo at all, it’s completely unaesthetic. Then I tried to apply the powder with a sponge from YSL Poudre Compacte Radiance Matt & Radiant Pressed Powder - the situation became better, the pores are slightly aligned. During the day, the powder in the pores and expression lines does not fail, and does not emphasize them.
The masking ability of the powder is low - it will not mask almost anything, but the overall tone of the face will even out. Matting is pretty good - about 4 hours, then a moderate shine appears. I want to emphasize that the brilliance is really moderate, that is, the powder can not even be corrected. But if you correct it - "porridge" on the face does not form.
Face without powder
With powder sprayed with YSL Poudre Compacte Radiance Matt & Radiant Pressed Powder powder powder (showing the most "problematic" spots)

Summing up, we can say that this powder is suitable for light daytime makeup, for trouble-free normal or combination skin. Since the degree of coverage of the powder is light, it can be used to fix the foundation. The main advantage of this powder is its absolute invisibility on the skin and relatively good matting. Among the shortcomings can be noted the lack of a light filter and a small degree of camouflage. The weight of the powder is 9 grams.
Full image with this powder you can see here
Purchased at the Rive Gauche store
Price without a discount about 2000 r
Term of use - Week 1
Rating - still 4 (I would like with the same ease of greater masking and smoothing pores). If you compare this powder and YSL Poudre Compacte Radiance Matt & Radiant Pressed Powder, then I liked the latter more, because it maskes pores and imperfections better (but, once again, I note highly quickly consumed and costs more than Lankom powder for 600 rubles)
I wish you all a happy shopping and beauty!
Your alyona

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