Bell french manicure


Unfortunately, the shade number has not been preserved.
This varnish is meant (judging by the name) for French manicure. I just applied it to my nails. For processing the cuticle do not swear much, something failed this time.
a little background)
just six months ago, I bought a varnish from the same series, but a different shade. He ended not so long ago, did not think of taking a photo. I was in love with him. It was also made of spangles, but the base was absolutely transparent, lay down in a thin layer. For any dark color - just a glimpse, or separately - very gently. But when I wanted to buy it again, he was gone and I took this one. He is different. To put it on a different color - only spoil the same basic color. It is not transparent and greatly modifies the color. Here I will show only on bare nails. To just understand what kind of beast it is.

I can’t say that he is bad, but that’s not quite what I wanted from him. He is moody. Even in one, almost transparent layer, it is not easy to apply. Often stripes. A little denser layer - and already two nails next to each other.
Here, the second layer was applied to the middle and index finger (if I wear this varnish, then in this form)

In two layers + glossy top - just amazingly shimmers in the sun. In the photo of the varnish in the tube, I was able to catch only silver spangles; under artificial lighting, even the smallest multi-colored ones are caught, but my camera does not see them, unfortunately. In general, the varnish is not bad, dries quickly, given the price, you can buy for a change. Only when erasing, all these spangles on the fingers are smeared, but, I must say, they quickly wash off.
Rating: 4 (for the whims and deception of my expectations)
Price: approx. 80r
Thank you all for your attention, be beautiful!
Im Tanya.

Watch the video: How To: French Manicure (February 2020).