Comme une Evidence by Yves Rocher

How nice to feel your favorite fragrance on your skin and clothes! How great - when he is your business card and, completely merging with your thoughts, personifies you and your inner world. For me, Comme une Evidence - “Like an Evidence” by Yves Rocher became such an aroma. About him and the story.
If someone is interested in traveling to the world of elegance and femininity - I ask for a cat.

Full name of perfume:
Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence "Like Explicitness"
A photo:
Photos from the official site of Yves Rocher, my photos are heavy, no matter how cut it down - they do not fit
Description from the manufacturer and the pyramid:
Enjoy the magical harmony of a clean and vibrant combination of aroma with your skin. Green notes of violet leaves open on the note of the heart of the radiant Lily of the valley and bloom against the backdrop of sensual shades of Moss.
Chypre accord is a pearl in the world of perfumery.
In combination with the floral note of the heart, Moss and Patchouli, it becomes a symbol of supreme elegance and absolute femininity. Head note: Bergamot, Violet leaves. Heart note: Rose, Jasmine, Forest Lily of the Valley. Loop note: Patchouli, woody accord (moss).
Detailed opinion:
I always have an opinion - and I managed to make sure of it - that there are two types of women in the world. Some (I belong to them) find their only “own” aroma, and perfume becomes their second skin, merges with their very nature and is associated with those around them. The second type has in its arsenal many wonderful bottles for every occasion and mood - these are easy-going, versatile natures, they like to change and be different every day with their eventful lives.
You can consider me old-fashioned, but I don’t remember sprinkling perfume on myself at least 18 years old (quite possibly I sin against the truth, but apparently this fragrance overshadowed all the memories of the puberty period). At 18, I don’t remember how, a sample of this water came to me - and I disappeared ...
I read a lot of reviews on the Yves Rocher website - both bad ("only for ladies aged" or "fu, well, stink") and good ("how it smells magical") - there is only one answer to this: we are all different - this perfectly!
Now I’m 23, during this time many glass beauties with amazing smells were bought and presented, but not a single one captivated my heart and was not used for longer than one or two days. And only I have been buying Comme une Evidence for five years now, they have been with me and limited with flowers on the bottle and the most ordinary, invariably one thing - the feeling that envelops me every time after applying the aroma. I feel elegant, refined, well-groomed - as if everything that I love so much in the concepts of “classic” and “retro” is in this bottle. He always suits me - at work, on a walk, in the evening - because he is me, is inseparable from me as a second wind and is necessary as air. With him, I feel feminine and alluring, like the heroines of The Great Gatsby, lazily lying on luxurious couches in evening dresses and sipping an aperitif. And sometimes even - a touching, defenseless, but really strong girl, as the heroine of the novels of my beloved Mary Stuart. There is something timeless in this fragrance that speaks of me, not as a representative of the Pepsi generation, but as a beautiful girl who knows a lot about and measures the eternal classics - about refined nature.
I like to feel it from the scarf in the winter, I like the fragrance of my clothes in the closet, I like to fall asleep and wake up with it - my pillow also loves it, I like that colleagues recognize me from it, even if I'm standing behind the closet, I like that my beloved likes him and associates with him only with me ...
Comme une Evidence is very persistent, heady - and probably an amateur. But for many years he has been inseparable from my thoughts and feelings. Sorry if I got tired of the descriptions without saying anything in essence. But I love this fragrance so much, and as you know, I am the only thing that a person can talk about for hours. Recommended to everyone who thinks that he was born at the wrong time.
Price: 1900 rub.
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