Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte EDT Reviews

Chanel - concentrated toilet water Cristalle Eau Verte

I love light and fresh scents. This is one of my favorites for the summer season ...

From the manufacturer (from the official Russian site of Chanel):

Cristalle Eau Verte is a concentrated eau de toilette that reveals an airy chord of magnolia and notes of citrus and jasmine in the fragrant garden.

Aroma Pyramid:

Top notes: jasmine and magnolia.
Heart notes: lemon and neroli.
Base notes: bergamot and white flowers.

From me:

Cristalle Eau Verte is a true fresh and summer fragrance. It smells of green grass and white flowers. The aroma simply shines and sparkles, covers with an exciting and sensual wave of freshness and coolness. The floral notes of the fragrance add mystery, while the citrus and green fragrances add vitality and physical strength. Cristalle Eau Verte is awesome and refreshing. This aroma does not oblige to anything, it is ideally combined with any summer version of clothes. The trail of aroma is sophisticated, sophisticated and aristocratic. Anyone in this fragrance will feel like a real lady. A light flowing dress, a drop of toilet water and a nymph is ready, which, like the long-awaited rain on a sultry summer day, is insanely necessary for everyone. Everyone around likes this breath of freshness in the heat, so I hear compliments and questions about aroma all the time. Cristalle Eau Verte is of interest to young girls, mature women and men. When I appeared in this fragrance, everyone actively begins to eagerly inhale the fragrance and involuntarily talk about summer. Cristalle Eau Verte is a real sip of cold illuminating water in extreme heat, an oasis in the desert. The resistance of the aroma is average for me, but calmly withstands 5-6 hours. The bottle is stylish, concise and convenient - 50 ml does not take up much space in the bag, which is very important for me, since from the student bench I used to always wear perfume in my bag (lipstick or powder may not be in my bag, but there will always be perfume). A 50 ml bottle of Cristalle Eau Verte is enough for about 2 months of daily use when used a couple of times a day, which is a sufficient indicator of the economy of this not ordinary toilet water, but concentrated toilet water (ordinary toilet water in a 50 ml bottle I usually go for 1 month).
My recommendations for the Cristalle Eau Verté: it is ideal to use for girls of any age in the summertime (but the best age for this fragrance is 20-35 years old, then the fragrance will look more organic) ...

My rating: 5.
Price: about 2300 rubles per 50 ml and about 3500 rubles per 100 ml (a bottle of 100 ml for a bag is more bulky and heavy than a fellow in 50 ml).
Duration of use: from 2009 - only in the summer.


Sorry for the almost empty bottle (found it in a summer bag in preparation for the summer season) ...

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