Flormar 320 Nail Polish

In a bottle:
On flash:
The bottle has a very convenient long cap flattened on both sides: it is easy to unscrew and convenient to paint. A brush of medium width, for my not wide nails, gains enough varnish and stains well near the cuticle, so that no adjustment is required.
About varnish.
This is a song, I will report to you))). A cream of medium density fits perfectly in one layer, no stains, no streaks, it doesn’t go anywhere, except a little pale. The two layers are finally gorgeous. It has a gloss.
According to the Wikipedia palette, the color is pure terracotta. In the sun and during the flash it turns pinker, in relative darkness it acquires saturation and a brown-burgundy hue.
We watch swatch in different lighting conditions:

I just fell in love with this calm noble shade in the bottle and it did not disappoint me on the nails. One of my few universal varnishes that are worn “both in a feast and in the world” - at any time of the year, under any wardrobe and style and at the same time look more expensive than they cost;).
It is worn for 3-4 days without a base (then the tips can stick together).
Duration of use: 3rd week has gone.
Rating: 5
Price: 3 tour.Lira (approx. 60 rubles)

Watch the video: ריקי פרץ- איפור מעושן step by step (February 2020).