Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Visibly Regenerating Cream Mascara Reviews

Detailed opinion: I decided to change my beloved Chanel Sublim and try something new. Fortunately, it turned out to buy mascara in df) A set of 3 mascaras turned out to be very successful and profitable. By summer, my attitude to makeup is changing dramatically. If in winter I can slowly apply tone, powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, that is, portray something intelligible on my face, then in the summer I can do all this terribly terribly. And given the fact that I also love to sleep, then putting on makeup in the morning is an impossible mission. Therefore, in the morning I confine myself to mascara, powder and bronzer. What I liked most about Hypnose Precious Cells was that it can be easily and quickly used anywhere and in any condition. No need to accurately draw each cilium, everything is just-painted, ran. Eyelashes with her comfortable, mascara is absolutely not felt. All the same, it gives more “natural eyelash effect” than the volume declared by the manufacturer. But I forgive her for the evening and for some events I will use other mascara, and this one is indispensable for daily use. It is also positioned as a caring and strengthening one. It may be self-hypnosis, but eyelashes began to drop out noticeably less, especially with makeup remover. Since I am the unlucky owner of short and sparse eyelashes, I was pleased that the tufts no longer remain bundles of my already quite rare eyelashes.
Smell, like all mascaras Lankom, pleasant) The brush is comfortable, it is easy to use. I did not notice a special separation, it glues the eyelashes a little, but still it is better than the others. It is washed off easily with any makeup remover. During the day, does not crumble.
Before her, I used classical Hypnosis for quite some time, yet they have one thing in common - they are comfortable, easily washed off and do not crumble. Differences — Classic Hypnosis gives more volume and more separation.

Price: 59 euros in cf for a set of 3 carcasses.
Test period: a week
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