Nail Packs

Hello to all!
I’ll tell you a little about nail products that I recently discovered.
A small child, constant contact with water, washing, washing, cleaning - all this just terribly affected my nails. They exfoliate, break, and also become very wavy. I decided to declare war on ugly nails, and that's what happened ...

Sally Hansen Moisturizing Formula Polish Remover For Dry, Brittle Nails - Moisturizing Liquid Remover for Dry and Brittle Nails

This nail polish remover is declared moisturizing, for dry and brittle nails, just for mine)
I do not wash off the varnish so often, because I rarely paint my nails. So it turns out to me that to paint nails is only upset. And all because any varnish on my nails lasts a day, and sometimes half a day (depending on what I do around the house). When washing dishes, I often forgot to wear gloves, and hence the result. In general, I rarely used nail polish remover, but I just needed it, since all the old ones were over.
The first thing that makes me happy is just a huge volume of 236.5 ml. With my profitability, I think for half a year it’s definitely enough, and maybe more.
The liquid smells of acetone mixed with some kind of floral fragrance. The fragrance is certainly not pleasant, but in general, when compared with my “30 rubles” washes - this is simply a masterpiece of perfumery) In general, I never focus on smell, the main thing for me is the declared result, but for whom it is important, I think the smell will not scare. For me, an indicator of a more or less pleasant smell was the reaction of my husband, who once again did not start to say “fu!”, Wrinkle his nose, and quickly ventilate the room)
There is no dispenser in the bottle, and when you open the cap you will see a wide neck. I don’t feel any inconvenience because of this. I take a cotton pad, put it tightly on my throat, knock over the bottles. For me this is not important, but if there was a small hole or a dispenser, it would definitely be more convenient.
The liquid very well removes varnishes and various coatings for nails. Does not dry nails and cuticles! - the manufacturer did not lie) After application, the sensations are very good and pleasant. I really felt the difference between him and my old penny nail polish removers.
I am satisfied) This tool turned out to be a point! I advise everyone who has dry and weak nails this fluid.
Price: 235 rub. no discount in IDB
Rating: 5+

ORLY Cutique Cuticle & Stain Remover - Cuticle Softener

I cut my cuticle all my conscious life, and did not even suspect unedged manicure and such things to dissolve it. Century live - Century read Beautician learn!
But, looking ahead, I’ll say that I’m not quite happy with this tool. I’ll take it in order:
Either my cuticle consists of elephant skin (maybe a hippo), or am I doing something wrong. It should be applied around the nail on the cuticle for 30-60 seconds. During this time, the liquid should soften and dissolve the cuticle, which can then be easily removed with an orange stick.
Even after 2 minutes, the liquid dissolves only a very small skin around the nail, and the main cuticle, which is thicker, remains in place. Yes, she softens a little, but ... where ... but how ... I don’t understand anything. Many girls simply praise this remedy, and most importantly they attach photos with truly amazing results. But many of them hold the product on the skin for about 5 minutes.
It turns out like this for me: I clean with a wand that minuscule that has dissolved and softened. I go to the bath, wash off the remnants of the product under warm water. Then I take a scrub (I’m warming and overgrowing from Clinics), I rub it thoroughly around the nail to exfoliate the skin around the nail, the one that softened.
As a result, I get a pretty well-groomed look of nails, but with my "favorite" cuticle, which almost never disappears.
Well, then, I take up the scissors and cut the skin in the old fashion ... It is cut easier and easier than usual. But, in principle, it is no different, as if I stepped my hands in the water and began to cut it.
And here, after many comments and discussions, it turns out that it is from this remedy (also for some from the solvent of the Sally Hansen cuticle) that the horny layer from the nails begins to peel off, and the nail scales stick out straight and shaggy. N I, too, appeared on a pair of nails, but I decided that this was from excessive picking with scissors, nippers, nail files ... Thanks to the girls who suggested that they had this from this remedy. Now, perhaps, the post will save many from a bad purchase.
Biting price: 509 rub. without discount in IDB.
Rating: 2 (changed the rating, this tool does not deserve triple)

Sally Hansen - TRIPLE STRONG Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier - Triple Action Nail Strengthener

Strengthening my weak exfoliating nails - has always been my main task. And almost all my life I did not change the tool for strengthening Smart enamel (black letters on the bottle). She suited me very much, her nails even grew to unprecedented sizes (of course, with regular use, daily).
The consultant at IDB, a very nice and pleasant girl, advised me to strengthen the triple-action nails from Sally Hansen. She said that this is a bestseller, and that many praise him if his nails are weak and fragile. Of course, I believed)
And, I must admit, she did not deceive me, the remedy really really strengthens my nails. I use it like my favorite past, that is, I apply layer after layer every day (if you do not use varnish). Or, if I want to paint my nails with varnish - then I use it as a base coat before the varnish.
The tool on the nails looks completely transparent, very glossy, the nails with it look very well-groomed and without varnish. They just shine like varnished.
I have problems with the brush when applying, I just can’t get the right amount, it always turns out a lot and the remedy flows wherever possible. And if I try to remove the excess, it turns out that I drive a fingernail with an almost dry brush. But these are just my crooked pens, I think who is used to thin brushes - there will be no problems.
The main drawback of this product for me is that it blisters on my nails if I paint in 2 layers. I don’t shake the bottle, I don’t blow on the nails, I let the first layer dry well ... - but I don’t understand the reason for the bubbles. Naturally, after that you do not even want to apply the topcoat on top.
For myself, I found the following options: 1) one layer of reinforcing agent + varnish or 2) several layers of reinforcer and no varnish on top (or just some kind of neutral varnish)
But! since I am sitting at home with the baby, I have these bubbles on my side. The kid does not see, I rejoice in strong nails, and everything is wonderful))))
Again, if someone tells me what is the cause of the bubbles, I will be grateful)
Price: 329 rub. no discount in IDB
Rating: 5-

Nail Polish Orly French Manicure natural look "Deja Vu" - Nail Polish Orly "French manicure" (shade - Deja Vu)

Lac at first sight subdued his tenderness in the bottle. The color is soft peach, there is a nano-shimmer, which does not allow the varnish to be flat. Shimmer, if vision does not fail, cold color, silver and neon spangles.
In one layer it streaks a little, in two it already lies very well. I will have 2 layers in the photo, which are applied to the strengthening agent, the hero of this post under number 3.
2 layers dry - about 30 minutes, no less. And then, I sit longer, because "dried varnish" is a relative concept. So you touch - it’s kind of dried up, but if you start to do something - you peel and grease. It is very disappointing at such moments. I always blame my husband, even if he is sitting in another room) He’s already used to it, and knows that if I ruined my painted nails, then it’s his fault. Bullshit of course, but like that)))
A photo:

No flash in electric light:
With flash:
The varnish is very cool, light, airy, summer ... what a young mother needs)
The store still had many different shades of such a "French manicure", from snowy white to pale pink, for every taste and color.
Price: 386 rub. without discount in IDB.
Rating: 5- (after all, it dries for a very long time, in my opinion)
That's all, I'm generally happy with the purchases! the state of my nails and their appearance suits me now. I look forward to advice on taming Means for removing cuticles and for strengthening nails.

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