MaxFactor False Lash Effect Black Mascara

The photo:

Detailed opinion: This mascara is for every day, since it gives a very natural effect, but it is in 1 layer, if 2 or more are made, then there will be doll cilia. I have generally quite straight, pigmented, but light at the ends of the eyelashes. Now about the mascara: it twists well, stains. Volume, I don’t know, I have my own good ones in this regard. Holds well, if rubbed, it will crumble slightly, but this can be removed. It is also washed off well, without problems.
Silicone brush:

Price: about 440 pe in the WG on gold
Test period: already 2 packs, current use 3 days
Rating: 5 (without fanaticism !!!)

Watch the video: Eye Make-Up Tips: False Lash Effect Mascara. Max Factor Lash Bar (February 2020).