Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 Reviews

Hello, beautiful girls!
I hasten to share with you my opinion about my new powder - a present for myself on my birthday. The subject of the present has long been familiar to everyone, but I think there is never much good
I kept an eye on this powder for a long time, I really liked it in action in your photos. Also a plus in the price, not beyond the sky ... Moreover, this is my first product from a similar price category, except for perfume, of course. And I would not want to get burned on the first purchase. For this I want to say to everyone who posted reviews about her here, thank you very much! I hit the target, which is incredibly glad
I chose shade 04, it suits me the most - the golden mean for me is tanned and tanned. She walked in a bright, cheerful little box, her shade is indicated on it.
Detailed opinion: I'll start with a controversial appearance. Some like it, some don't. Personally, I somehow do not care. Design does not cause me neither admiration nor any disgust. The pencil case is quite comfortable to hold in your hand, smooth as a malachite pebble. On the front panel there is a button, when pressed, the upper lid opens. No breaking nails. Open:
A mirror is placed on the top lid, giving a pretty good overview. You can make up on the road. Refilchik with the most powder is protected by an elastic and dense film, which protects our mirror from clogging with powder.
Despite the miniature packaging - it is quite thoughtful. Here you have a mirror, and powder, and a brush! Yes, yes, it is hidden in the lower compartment:
I have to say that the brush is pretty good. Soft and gentle to the face, it gains powder well and gives it to the face with a light thin layer. It looks like a natural pile ... although I'm not sure ...

The compartment in which the brush is located has openings around the perimeter - I suspect that in order to prevent the powder from remaining in the box, the brush itself should be ventilated.
With ergonomic packaging finished. Now we turn to the qualitative characteristics of the powder. The smell ... it is almost absent, only a very delicate and fresh aroma is slightly captured, and then if you bury your nose in the package.
The powder itself has a very delicate texture. Very soft. Perfectly evens out the tone of the face, well neutralizes redness. Does not emphasize peeling and does not dry the skin. Since my face skin is normal, it is difficult for me to judge its matting abilities.
Her face looks somehow smoothed and sleek. Healthy, I would even say If you spin the powder in the sun, sometimes it even seems to me that there are small specks of reflective particles in it.
And now about masking abilities ... See a mole?
And now?
And of course, the indicative number on the face:

Total: I really liked the powder! It does not fall into the pores, delicate and weightless, but at the same time it perfectly tones out the tone of the face and masks skin imperfections. Very happy with the purchase!
Term of use: more than 2 weeks;
Weight: 9 g;
Cost: 290 UAH;
Rating: 5.
Thank you all for reading and watching.
I am Zhenya. You can be on "you"

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