Handsome Dance Legend "Shining Rainbow" №12

Dance Legend "Shining Rainbow" №12

Detailed opinion: I want to admit that I love this series by Dance Legends) I can not stand their nudes, I do not understand the colors and thermal varnishes, and ordinary varnishes are very mediocre for me. But the shining rainbow conquered me! This is the third varnish from the series, and I am afraid that I can not restrain myself and buy more. I'm generally a fan of holographics, glitter varnishes, shimmer, mica, etc. Probably in my past life I was magpie) I am in love with this shade, if I had another arm or leg, I would love to make it up as well. The room is a delicate plum with an unobtrusive golden shimmer, and in the sun it opens in all its glory, shines with a million sparks and goes into a burgundy a little) The brush for me at DL is super convenient, that's what I need. Neither Chanel, nor Opie, nor Orly can compare for me in ease of application. This is the first and only varnish that I can apply evenly, so that later I don’t have to use a cotton swab and a rail for half an hour. It lasts up to 5 days, then chips appear at the tips and the coating dims a little. It is this shade that is beautiful in 1 layer, but for me it is already a ritual: base, 2 layers of varnish, top. It is erased with a little effort, you need to attach a cotton pad for 20 seconds and then erase gently. I'm in love with this varnish
in the sun:

in room:

with flash:

Price: 180 r
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