Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer Reviews

Full name of varnish: Dior Vernis Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer 221 Or Divin.

Detailed opinion: It was love at first sight! As it turned out later, varnish from the Christmas collection, and I bought it in anticipation of spring). I met this shade many times, but only now it really hooked me! It expressed all my spring mood). Such a gentle and light gold with mother of pearl, which when applied in one layer gives a light golden veil, and when re-coated gives a clear golden glow to the nails. As for me, so I would put this varnish next to the spring collections of Armani). Well, now to the features of the varnish itself. It is applied quite easily and quickly dries, at the first coating it gives barely noticeable stripes that can be seen (if you look closely) and with a double layer, but the coating completely suits me. The brush is not in my taste, for my nails it is too wide, the shaft on which the brush is attached is wide and flat, it holds too much varnish, which then drains onto the nail at the most inopportune moment. Holds for 3 days and comes off at the tips. Well, now a little swatch, sorry for the quality, there is no super macro)).

Price: 20,5 euro
Your Tatyana, to me on "you"!

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