YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Reviews

Hello, lovely beauticians! Today I want to add my opinion to the piggy bank reviews on the concealer highlighter from YSL.

I recently abandoned the foundation, only moisturizing plus translucent powder. Therefore, the concealer is vital to me)))
Like all products from ISL, this one is clothed in a gold case in the shape of a pen. On the side is a velvet "Y".
The product is served on the brush by pressing a convenient button on the "ass".
The brush is comfortable, moderately elastic.

The tool itself is sparse, not very dense.
The manufacturer positions this product as a highlighter. If you look closely, the reflective particles are really contained there, but, as for me, it's still more likely a concealer.
I use it under the eyes and on minor imperfections in the skin.
The skin under the eyes does not dry. He hides circles around my eyes, which are not strong, due to light reflectors. It does not seem to paint over, but highlights the skin. The wrinkles and folds of the skin do not fall through. If you apply it too much, of course, it will be noticeable. During the day, even in such heat as it is now, it does not roll down and does not disappear. I apply it pointwise with his native brush, but distribute with another, larger one.
On rarely occurring acne and small acne, I apply it with this very brush and, after a minute or two, I hammer it into the skin with the patting movements of my fingers.
His hiding power is small. Small redness will hide, but nothing more. Nuts, if any, will underline.
On bare skin, of course, it is noticeable, but after dusting everything is fine))
Swatch will be only on the pimple, under my eyes it didn’t adequately photograph him ((

put a spot on the gel pen

trying to hide it

here I have such a “joy” over my lip

pasta grease stain concealer


Rating: 5-. I will definitely repeat it again after it is over, but I will not stop trying others.
Price: about 1250 with the maximum discount on the fly.
Test period: a couple of months.

Watch the video: HOW TO: REALLY USE YSL TOUCHE ECLAT - A FULL DEMO (February 2020).