Catrice in my makeup bag

Let's start with eye shadow. Catrice Absolute Eye Color Quattro 030 OMG I Want That!
Design - simple, no frills, transparent plastic, shadows of 1.5 and 2.5 g.
The quality, texture and pigmentation are all different. The most unsuccessful yellow. Just large, coarse yellow spangles, poorly typed on the brush, showered.
The following are bronze and gray-green, pearlescent shades, with good pigmentation, finely ground.

And the best in this palette is black, with colorful sparkles. I use it as an eyeliner, the line is clear and bright, the sparkles are not visible when applied.

All shadows are well stewed, keep at the base all day. Price-245 p.

Rating: 4 (due to light shade)
The next will be blush. Catrice Multi Color Blush - 010 Riviera Rose

Blush are made up of four shades of gold, pink, peach, dark beige. The texture is very delicate, the color is so delicate that it is difficult to catch it with a camera, it has a satin glow. Overdoing these blushes is not possible. But when typing on the brush a little crumble.
All in all, great blush for whites. 8 gr. Price-215 p.

Rating: 5-
Next is lipstick. Ultimate Shine Lipstik. 010 Good Nudes!

Flesh-colored lipstick mother of pearl. The texture of the lipstick is very pleasant, soft, fits perfectly on the lips, does not spread in the heat, does not slip into a strip. 3.5 g There are no complaints. Price-220r.

Rating: 5
And the last mascara is voluminous. Glamourous Volume mascara.

The brush is ordinary, pile.
I have short and rare cilia, always looking for mascara with volume. In this carcass, the consistency, thick, some kind of sticky, is not evenly distributed. The eyelashes are all stuck together, there is no volume. Disgusting mascara, even washed off heavily. Price-160r.
Rating: 2
Thanks for stopping by, I'm Lisa.
ps Sorry for the stickers on the products, next. I’ll definitely consider the post, I myself see that it spoils the appearance.

Watch the video: What I got in my MASSIVE goody bag from: Essence & Catrice makeup's launch !! (February 2020).