Pupa Luminys Baked All Over Illuminating Blush Powder Reviews

My new favorite

Blush powder weighing 9 grams is packed in a large box, has a nice curved case, a large mirror on the inside of the lid. It is supposed to be applied with your own accessories (in my case, a brush):
From the box:
The composition, between us, is a bit dubious: in addition to the pleasant plus in the form of jojoba oil, there is mineral oil and a lot of parabens. Despite this, nothing bad happened to my skin during the use, so we close our eyes to it (nevertheless, I MORE I pay attention to the composition of care products) ...
From the manufacturer:
“The baked Pupa Luminys Baked All Over powder blush is presented in 4-color gamut shades that can be applied separately or mixed with each other, sculpting the face and giving it a subtle, refined glow. By applying shades as a highlighting powder, you create a natural, radiant tone , as a blush - revitalize the color, give shape and make facial features more expressive. The technology of "baking" conveys the beauty of each shade and makes the texture soft and delicate. Blush powder perfectly fit, making the skin satin and velvety, and reflective particles illuminate the face from the inside, give a radiance and freshness. The formula with jojoba oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and gives it a sense of comfort. "
And from the official site:
"Highlighting powder, created on the basis of revolutionary technology of" baking ", due to which the product has a light and delicate texture and perfectly fits on the skin. The package contains powder in four shades of the same color range, which can be used individually or mixed."
Actually, I was forced to purchase this powder-blush on the Beautician (girls, thanks to everyone who left feedback on this product).
I am very pleased with my purchase and I will explain below why ...
Powder-blush, as they said, are presented in 4 shades, from light to dark, I chose between numbers 1 and 2, as a result I settled on 2, as more universal and on the threshold of tanning (1 consists mainly of light shades and is suitable snow white, and 3 and 4 are already for swarthy or tanned girls).
Powder blush consist of 4 stripes of different colors and textures.
1 - white-pink, cold, with a multi-colored shimmer
2 - pink with a slope in warm peach with a multi-colored shimmer
3 - dark brown, closer to cold, satin
4 - light brown, rather warm, matte
Separately, I note that the shades on the face do not give any redness (which I was a little afraid of when I saw the product in the case).
Getting to Swatch:

I scored lightly on my fingers:

My opinion: a very functional little thing, which, moreover, is of excellent quality - it does not disappear anywhere during the day, does not crumble, minimally dusts when applied.
I use it as follows (and only so!): I mix 2 upper tones and apply as a highlighter on the cheekbones, separately mix 2 lower shades and put on the cavity under the cheekbone as a bronzer. The flowers in this form are ideally suited for me: the bronzer enhances the relief, and the highlighter highlights, and quite delicately (it does not have large sparkles and it looks very good even in the afternoon, in sunlight). In this case, I do not use blush, but at the same time I have a healthy looking face with clear sculpting.
HOW can this product be used as powder, it remains a mystery to me. I suppose that only in evening make-up and extremely easy application can something “digestible” come out :))
Plus, as a nice bonus, I use the second shade from above as shadows - just put them with my finger and extinguish - it turns out a very good quick make-up for the eyelids))). Probably, you can adapt all the shades in this way, but the second is the most beautiful and "wearable" for me.
Well, and most importantly, what everyone is probably waiting for :) - swatch on your face.
Applied almost as in life, but I'm still pale. With a tan, everything will look much cooler)))
Normal lighting:

Evening flash:

"Bonus" in the form of shadows:
General view (navel and mascara used):

Rating: 5+
Price: approx. 450 rub.
Duration of use: week

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