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I’m a maniac in terms of protection from the sun, firstly because I can’t sunbathe myself (and it's useless because my skin is very fair, dry and extremely red), and secondly, I have a small child who has to spend a lot of time on the street, well, I’ll add here my husband who periodically burns forgetting that at least his arms and neck are not covered (oh, men) Today I’ll tell you about two excellent means.

I already have several sunscreens and among them there was not one that can be conveniently and quickly, and even completely smeared with a spinning and always running away child and to be quickly absorbed, with a high degree of protection (so as not to be smeared once an hour), and so for myself, my beloved, came up. I ordered a spray from the VICHY CAPITAL SOLEIL series that I already liked, and as a gift I suddenly got milk from the same series, which also turned out to be wonderful. I’ll tell you about them)
1. Vichy Capital Soleil Spray For Children Skin cell sun protection - Very high protection Sensitive skin SPF 50+ - Children's face and body spray sunscreen SPF 50
From the manufacturer: The High Coating technology and the revolutionary Mexoryl ® Xl filter system provide high protection against UVA and UVB rays. Thanks to exclusive technology, the product forms a protective network-screen on the skin, which provides high skin protection from sunlight. Resistant to water and sand.
From me: It turned out to be insanely convenient to use and quickly absorbed. Does not leave white stains. We are perhaps the palest comrades on the site) I look at many now, whose back is burned, who have shoulders, who have legs or arms. And at least for us. We walk for two or three hours and slowly, gradually, we are covered with an even silk tan without redness and other troubles.
The consistency of liquid emulsion milk is quickly absorbed, not sticky, not greasy, with a very weak pleasant smell. After the product has been absorbed, a slight sensation of moisture remains on the skin. It’s just a great idea to make a spray, I quickly puff a couple of times and smear while my son is standing still (10 seconds, no more). I use it myself. And after 10-15 minutes we go for a walk.
Means without parabens and fragrances, hypoallergenic.
Rating: 5+
2. Vichy Capital Soleil Sensitive Skin After Sun Daily Milky Care Hydrating and Soothing Action - Soothing after sun lotion.
Gentle melting milk with a wonderful smell (it resembles a perfume, I can’t remember the name), it is instantly absorbed, refreshes and moisturizes the skin. My husband recently burned his neck and shoulders, smeared with this milk - the inflammation began to disappear pretty quickly. And I like to smear it after a long walk in the sun and soul. It smells very good and is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin silky. Absolutely not greasy or sticky. I would hardly have bought it myself (because there are so many moisturizers in the house), but I’m very glad that by chance I came across such a suitable remedy. Paraben-free, hypoallergenic.
About the product from the manufacturer:
Rating: 5
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