Good day)
That is ripe to show you my blush)

I'll start with the newest and therefore most beloved
Blush Givenchy Le Prisme Blush Bucolique # 1 Bucolic Rose
Oooochen beautiful, right?) Personally, I could not resist, although initially I was aimed at the spring Chanel, but not fate.
The blush is amazing, and the design is just awesome. The box is very tiny, just a toy, but for me it turned out to be just the pinnacle of functionality! The magnetic lid is opened with a single movement of the finger, and a department with a brush immediately leaves the bottom. Beauty!

The blush itself is silk, lay down with a translucent veil, are perfectly typed on the brush and do not dust. On the face they give a magnificent satin, I would even say some kind of neon glow without any sparkles. During the day I do not correct, if you do not touch the face with your hands, then they remain until the evening.

Rating: 5
The following blush is not necessary to present here)
Blush Chanel Joues Contraste No. 68 Rose Écrin

Before Givenchy, they were my favorites) Passed through them all fall and winter. They are rightfully considered universal. The hue is very delicate. It’s difficult to overdo it with them, but nothing is impossible) For some reason, they are applied to my crumbling problematic. Especially in Armani. A blush brush simply glides over the powder. There are no such troubles with the tone. And blush well, sooooo highly compressed. Consider half a year almost exclusively used them, and they are all in place. Miracle

Rating: 5
Well, a couple of Dior
First - "Diorblush. "Blush poudre couleur & lumiere glowing color powder blush # 733 Rose Anglais"

Oh, these are my first blush). They make me warmer and kinder. I feel like a real woman in them. They very beautifully emphasize the cheekbones and are worn all day. One half is darker and matte, and the other is lighter and with sparkles. I never wore them individually; I always mix them. I walk them more often in the evening and on cloudy days. Here you can see their texture
a lighter shade is more friable and is consumed faster. The brush attached to them is also normal. I haven’t bought myself a separate brush for blush always with the ones that come with it, I used it, I didn’t complain)
Well, a couple of photos

Rating: 5
And the last box is actually not quite blush, it’s a shimmer) but since I need it on my cheekbones, I identified it here.
Blush Diorskin Poudre Shimmer # 002

I don’t really know where my head was when I bought it. He doesn't suit me at all. No, he looks nothing in the evening even on my fair skin, but he emphasizes all my pores. They can be seen even for a kilometer. For this reason, I used it 3-4 times. And it lies, annoying me with its brilliant appearance. But now you won’t lure me with any delicate radiance of gardenia)
Rating: I don’t even know) not my product at all. Well, let the five be for how it looks on others)
Then there will be a lot of swatch photos and a little text. My camera is not professional, but an ordinary soap dish, so do not be angry, I tried.

well and somehow all together
Thank you all for your attention,
I hope that entertained)

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