The cream component of my body care

The ideal body cream, in my subjective opinion, should perfectly moisturize and properly nourish the skin, deliciously, but not overwhelmingly smell and be quickly absorbed without leaving greasy marks. But the ideal is the ideal in order to be unattainable. Let's see how close the participants of today's post turned out to be.

The funds are conditionally divided into two parts: the first (No. 1-6) represents light products, lotions; the second (nos. 7-13) - nutrient butter.
So, light artillery:
1. Yves Rocher "Spa Vegetal 2 in 1 moisturizer firming" - Moisturizing milk "Elasticity for atonic skin".
Lotion of light consistency, due to which it is distributed smoothly on the skin and is quickly absorbed. It has a very pleasant unobtrusive, rapidly weathering odor.
It moisturizes well, especially with regular use - however, I did not notice any “pull-up” effect that is promised. With problematic, very dry areas (as they are on the elbows or in the shins) can not cope.
Pros: not greasy; provides a sufficient level of regular skin hydration.
Cons: the lack of one effect of those "two-in-one" that is stated in the title; the presence of alcohol in the composition.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: a very solid, unassuming means for regular use, without special effects.
Subjective assessment: 4.
2. Yves Rocher "2 in 1 Hydrating Firming with Centella" - moisturizing and firming body care 2-in-1 with centella.
In general, I have no complaints about Yves Rocher body products, IMHO, they are a good combination of effect price availability - and this milk is no exception.
I chose it from the entire line for the smell of centella, which I like very much, not having any hopes for “strengthening” properties - and got what I expected.
The texture is easily distributed, it is not absorbed very quickly. It smells very nice to me, centella against the background of a general neutral cosmetic background.
Pros: smell; provides a sufficient level of regular skin hydration.
Cons: tightening properties were not observed; I would like to be absorbed faster.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
The result is generally the same as that of a fellow: a good tool for regular use, but it will not work to eliminate special dryness.
Subjective assessment: 4.
3. Clinique "Happy to be" body cream - Perfumed body cream.
It was in a gift set for the corresponding Clinique “Happy to be” toilet water, dearly beloved by me for many years (the fact that they haven’t sold it in Russia for more than a year is just a disaster for me!).
I am skeptical about the properties of such body creams that complete aromas, and this one did not convince me - the effect of skin hydration ends even before washing. But he could at least repeat one of my favorite smells, and that would be enough - but no, not that! The perfumed fragrance in it is not like the fragrance of a perfume, and does not cause any special affection.
The consistency of the cream is quite liquid (but not before spreading), making it easy to apply.
Pros: very quickly absorbed, positive and comfortable (I like good tubes) packaging.
Cons: the smell does not match the name; does not moisturize.
Difficult composition:
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: worthless, in general, a little thing - it's good that it was a gift.
Subjective assessment: 2
4. Korres "Coconut milk body milk".
Milk, rather dense in texture, which has a very unpleasant odor for my taste (strange, nothing to do with coconut, brr). It is not absorbed quickly, leaving a greasy film for some time, and even when it becomes invisible in appearance, you can feel it while taking a bath - i.e. it seems that the milk is not completely absorbed. Humidification provides mediocre.
Plus: convenient travel packaging.
Cons: disgusting odor; It creates a film sensation and is not effective enough to tolerate it.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: it will come off when a runny nose and there is nothing else at all.
Subjective assessment: 3-.
5. Avon "Thailand lotus flower luxuriously light body souffle" Planet Spa - souffle for the body.
A remedy of a rather interesting consistency: a dense souffle with indistinguishable mother of pearl, which after application dries on the skin, as it were, and not only is absorbed.
I really like the fragrance of this line of Thailand lotus flower Avon Spa - something so sweet, lotus and flower. However, the smell is very strong and not very natural, and if it is not to your liking, there is no sense in this product - it moisturizes below the average, and there is no question of nutrition at all.
Pros: smell; completely not greasy; Packed in a convenient jar.
Minus: lack of long-term hydration.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: an ineffective remedy with a pleasant aroma.
Subjective assessment: 3+
6. Crabtree & Evelyn "Summer Hill" scented body lotion.
At first, I was very skeptical about a remedy called “flavored body lotion,” because I think stereotypically that a serious, focused on maximum effectiveness and “useful” composition should not be bothered with perfume, because what kind of perfume can be used? Fortunately, Crabtree & Evelyn forced me to reconsider this outlook on things (the brand is well represented on the ubiquitous feelunique - if only they would have wrapped their packages more carefully, this store would not have been priced at all)).
The lotion was in a box with a beautiful print corresponding to the name of the Summer Hill series.
He himself has a minimalistic package with a convenient dispenser. It has a light texture, due to which it is evenly distributed on the skin, absorbed medium-fast.
The perfume itself deserves special attention - it is beautiful: the smell is really some kind of sunny, summer, floral, pronounced and completely (which surprised me most) non-chemical! At the same time, he is very resistant, even stays on clothes.
Lotion perfectly moisturizes, but is unlikely to help completely dry skin.
Pros: aroma; efficiency.
Minus: unless it can cope with peeling; Well, not the very same nice composition.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: a wonderful tool if there are no particular problems with dry skin.
Subjective assessment: 5.
The following are the means that consider themselves to be heavy artillery:
7. Sabai-arom "Blissful Blossoms body butter".
I like the smells of most Sabai-arom lines, but Blissful Blossoms especially. A viscous, sweet floral aroma in which I feel notes of pink frangipani ... But this smell is quite specific and heavy, so those who do not like obvious perfumes in creams will not like for sure.
The batter has a dense texture, but is distributed quite easily. Honestly, he doesn’t nourish too well - for example, he can’t cope with peeling once. But it is absorbed quite quickly for the butter.
The small size of the jar in which it is packed does not suit at all - my dimensions are very vast, and if I applied it completely to the whole body, this jar (100 g) would be enough for a maximum of four times, what a foolish thing!
Pros: smell; fast absorbency.
Cons: small volume; malnutrition.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: a fragrant butterfly of the middle hand.
Subjective assessment: 4+
8. Thai Herbs & Thai massage "Frangipani Body Butter".
This product should not be called butter, but wax, because in fact it is just wax with fillers.
In the jar, the product is firm, but it quickly melts on the skin, so there are no problems with the application. The smell really looks like frangipani, I suspect that its essential oil is responsible for this.
After application, the product is never completely absorbed to the end, and leaves a shine corresponding to its wax-oil essence. And although it nourishes quite well (the feeling of smooth skin remains after washing off the product with water), I too often endure such an effect on my skin. I use it as a bonus for cuticle as a bonus.
Pros: it smells good; nourishes well; economically consumed.
Cons: not absorbed; glitters; an iron can is very inconvenient to open.
Bottom line: a delicious remedy, but certainly not for every day.
Conditional (as the manufacturer did not designate according to INCI) the composition
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Subjective assessment: 4.
9. Korres "Japanese Rose body butter" extra moisturizing cream for dry skin conditions.
It is a medium-density cream with a rather unpleasant odor of a sour rose. Korres' body perfumes are generally a mystery to me: most of them are frankly unpleasant. And do not explain this supposedly enchantingly natural and useful composition - it is not at all like that, and a couple of good flavorings would certainly not hurt him, because the smell is not the same as natural or anti-allergic drugs, but simply chemically unpleasant and strong.
Again, because of the smell, there is no desire to use this butterfly at all, although it is as terrible as that of a coconut lotion.
It is absorbed very slowly, leaves a film. It has an average nutritional effect, it is unlikely to cope with peeling.
Plus: convenient small package.
Cons: smell; fat content.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: a mediocre remedy with an unpleasant odor, I won’t even think about buying a full-size version.
Subjective assessment: 3.
10. Korres "Guava body butter" extra moisturizing cream for dry skin conditions.
Perhaps the best body remedy for Corres that I had to try was already using three of these 50ml tubes. It does not have a disgusting odor (although strong - remaining on bedding, and quite specific, slightly resembling a real guava) and the consistency of a dense cream. It is absorbed for a long time, but the film is not left. It does not save my skin from severe dryness, but it nourishes well, especially with regular use.
Pros: performance; convenient packaging.
Minus: long absorbed; aromatizes fabric.
Bottom line: a strong, especially suitable for travel, body cream.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Subjective assessment: 4+
11. Caudalie "Nourishing Body Lotion".
Moderately dense body cream in a bottle with a good dispenser. It is easily distributed on the skin, it is not absorbed quickly, but not very long, but it leaves some kind of slightly noticeable film. It is quite effective for daily moisturizing, but would not say that it is so nutritious - it can not cope with very dry areas of the skin even four times. In addition, I do not like the fragrance - it is implicit, but I feel it for a long time - it smells like the cheapest glycerin-paraffin creams with an elusive near-grape note typical of Kodali.
Plus: a good dispenser.
Cons: unobvious effect; unpleasant odorant.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Subjective assessment: 4-
12. Caudalie "Vine body butter".
But this dense, but easily distributed, cream has an amazing (for my taste) aroma of sun-scorched bunches of grapes and orange peel, mmm. The smell is almost the same as the hand cream in this series (which I also respect very much), only more pronounced and slightly sweeter.
The effectiveness of this cream is also pleasing - it nourishes, moisturizes, makes the skin smoother. It is a wonderful companion for the skin in frosty and battery-draining times.
Pros: aroma; performance.
Minus: very long absorbed; the tube is equipped with a hard-to-close lid.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: a wonderful body cream.
Subjective assessment: 5+
13. Styx "Cacao butter body cream".
A dense, heavily distributing cream in a convenient wide jar, which can be opened and closed easily even with slippery hands.
It is applied best with thorough massaging movements. It nourishes very well, eliminates peeling and makes the skin pleasant to the touch. It is also pleasing that with such a high nutritional effectiveness, it does not leave a greasy film and is completely absorbed, although not quickly. Sometimes I even use it after depilation to nourish and soothe skin irritations.
By the way, I used already completely one can of Styx cream from this series, Shea butter - so it seems to me identical in result with this, only Cacao butter at first has a nicer smell, it smells like cocoa butter, and then even the smell becomes the same (not very tasty, though).
Pros: performance; low fatness; convenient packaging.
Minus: perhaps not the most pleasant smell.
Unappetizing, but texture-indicative swatch:
Bottom line: my nutritious favorite cream.
Rating: 5+
Summary: Among the participants in this post, No. 6 Crabtree & Evelyn Summer hill scented body lotion earned the title of Best Light Body Lotion, and No. 13 Styx Cacao butter body cream the title of Best Nutrition Butter.
Thus, although not quite ideal, but the closest to the ideal turned out to be the aforementioned pair and No. 12 Caudalie Vine body butter, and Styx with Caudalie I will gladly buy again to the delight of the skin, and I will definitely try other remedies from Crabtree & Evelyn.
That's all, thanks for watching
And what are your favorites in body care?

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