Dance Legend 358. The modest charm of neon

This varnish is a long-lived in my squad of varnishes. He is at least five years old. At that time, such a color seemed bright and defiant to me (I wouldn’t have taken it, Lyudmila Prokofievna would have said. And Verochka inside me whispered, “So good boots, we must take it!”) So what did I take?
For a long time, varnish practically did not change its properties. Unless it became a little more dense during application and slows down a little when the varnish is distributed on the plate. Brush for varnish is something))). You can safely take and paint the door jambs. But you can still get used to it. Although the owners of a narrow nail plate may cause some difficulties.
In one layer, the color is a little different (lies without bald spots) as in a bubble, but in two it is completely identical.
I want to call the texture varnish itself enamel with gloss. It is worn for five days, slowly starting to wipe off towards the end. It looks great as a pedicure! It is removed without effort, does not eat into the plate. A solid four can be put to him (a Minus point is still for a huge brush, there are problems with the varnish flowing onto the nail bed)
Swatch varnish

Varnish paired with ORLE Luxe (an experiment for the sake of diversity))

(with flash)

Price five years ago about 150 rubles.
Thanks for attention! Good luck to all the laconic hunting))

Watch the video: Эмаль Color 358 + Flossy Top 152 + Step 01. Dance Legend (February 2020).