New silver has arrived

Continuing the graphite-metal topic, I announce its new member. Lacquer Jessica No. 359 Palladium
I ask everyone to cut!

Background. I accidentally got this varnish, I did a “temporary” pedicure to get another shellac for a week, and I chose it. When I left the salon, putting on slates, a little smeared the coating on my thumb and my master kindly gave for a while a bottle of varnish so that I would tint at home, because I was already running away, there was no time for a complete drying.
Well, I came home in the evening, correcting a toe, decided to get hold of manicure. T only shhh, no one
So, my hero today is Jessica Nail Polish No. 359 Palladium
Here is a photo from the salon:

My opinion about him: I'm not a fan of such varnishes at all. Just sometimes I want such a flicker on the nails. This varnish - glitter - is light silver, on a beige yet, as it seems to me, the base. He has a fairly comfortable brush, standard, is applied well, it seems to be not thick, lasts up to 4 days. At the pedicure - longer, if by the rules - to the base and with drying. Surprisingly well removed with liquid, albeit glitter. Generally, assessment 5.
The price is not known to anyone, because I got it for free, though for rent.
Go to swatch.
In daylight, nothing special.

His finest hour comes where the light is electric.

And with a flash, he's generally gorgeous
With a flash from afar (cut out a piece of photo)
Well, actually, on a pedicure

What do you think, colleagues in the liquor shop?

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