Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 Reviews

Hello girls. I want to tell you today about Clinique Almost Powder Makeup.

Type of packaging at the back:
The powder itself:
Open case. It has 2 branches. The powder itself and a small mirror are located on top, the compartment for the brush is below:
The brush is small. Medium quality. In principle, convenient for fixing makeup. I still use a different brush at home. Shedding a little.
Detailed opinion: I'll start my story with packaging. The packaging is lightweight, plastic. This is convenient if you are going to carry it with you in a cosmetic bag. However, it looks too simple and cheap, Clinique often sin with this.
Now about the properties of the powder itself. My skin is closer to oily. There are redness and pimples. The grinding of the powder is fine, the powder is densely pressed, but it is well typed on the brush. It has no smell. The coverage is average. The powder hides small skin imperfections well, while it looks quite natural on the face. The shade of 03 light turned out to be a bit dark for me, I use this powder only in the summer. Clinique Almost Powder Makeup is a good matte. However, there is not enough matting for the whole day. I have to correct makeup in the middle of the day. By cons I can also include the fact that the powder is not suitable for dry skin, as it emphasizes peeling.
Feeling on her hand:
Without makeup:
She applied only powder:
The complexion in my opinion is a little leveled.
Rating: 4-
Price: around 1600 (I don’t remember honestly)
Term of use: 1.5 years

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