Dance Legend: Shining Silver No. 909

Dance Legend: Shining Silver Series, shade No. 909.
The lacquer is a translucent, pale bluish base with a very diverse glitter of small size. Sequins of several types: small silvery, slightly larger bright blue, silvery with holographic rainbow tints and silvery with a deep blue tint. Together, this creates such a radiant and shimmering, multi-faceted blue hue, in which “sparks” of a different color periodically skip: silver, rainbow and blue. Although photographing glitters is always very difficult, it seems to me that I managed to convey the effect of this varnish.
In applying the varnish is not capricious. Sequins fall quite densely from the first layer, but the color is not yet so saturated, a feeling of some kind of frosty airiness is created. I unexpectedly liked it, so I will show one-coat varnish in the photographs. In two layers, the varnish on the nails already looks identical to the varnish in the bottle. The finish is somewhat rough, so a transparent top is required - it will even out the surface of the nail and betray the glossy gloss, and the sparkles under the top will eventually flicker brighter and look much better ...
As always, the correct composition and large volume of the bottle. Due to the texture, the varnish lasted quite a while.
Made in Russia.
Volume: 15 ml
Price: 180 rub
Rating: 5.
One coat varnish:
Further on all photos in two layers.
Natural light:

Artificial light (pay attention to blue and multi-colored "sparks"):

The sun:

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