Outrage by Victoria's secret

Hello, beauties. I can not share my impressions of the last purchase. And she knew that one should not expect anything good from a company that does not specialize in cosmetics. But I need everything ... Received.

Full product name in English: Beauty rush luminous shadow Victoria's secret too too pink.
The photo:
Detailed opinion: friable shadows. Made in Germany. finely ground shadows. Apply with a sponge brush. Dusting, but not critical. The shadows themselves are matte with lots of silver, not small sparkles. Shadows terribly emphasize wrinkles on the eyelids, as can be seen from the photo. The feeling that all the eyelids are mottled with wrinkles, although this is not so, the shadows lie so. I can’t write about persistence objectively. I have very fat eyelids and even at the base, any shadows do not last longer than 3 hours. These, in principle, kept normal at the base in the heat.
Rating: 3 (and then for the color)
Beauty rush lip gloss Victoria's secret (number and color not written)

Lip gloss. Made in the USA. For me, the usual shine for little girls. Transparent with golden sparkles, glossy. It smells very delicious with citruses (but strong; so not for everybody). It doesn’t run into creases. In general, shine to indulge. Suitable for teens.
Rating .4
Beauty rush liquid glitter liner Victoria's secret liquid metal
Well, the most important nightmare. I haven’t learned this even from the cheapest cosmetics. Eyeliner. Made in Canada.

Imagine a watercolor diluted with water and poured into a jar and you get eyeliner. Absolutely liquid, black with silver, sparkles settling to the bottom and silver pigment. That is, the claimed metallic color is obtained only after shaking the tube. A brush, like an ordinary thin brush for painting. Make her a thin tip of the arrow is almost impossible. And the most egregious disgrace - I never saw that the eyeliner spreads in different directions by a few mm. This can be seen even by swatch on the hand, it just spreads out due to its liquid consistency. It seems to me that with the same success you can make arrows with children's paints.
Grade 2
added gray shadows so that at least you could go out with this "beauty" to the street

All the above cosmetics look like cosmetics from the "all by 10" tray; costs 350 rubles each product. It also struck me that each jar was sealed in an insane amount of some stickers and a transparent film. Filmed it for 20 minutes.