OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise - my daring turquoise

Hello girls!

Today we will talk about the varnish OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise.
Who cares - I ask under the cut:

Full name of varnish:
OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise, Texas Collection.
Detailed opinion:
I have this mini varnish, 3.75 ml. Friendship with us did not work out right away ...
After I dyed it in 2 layers on short nails, I was horrified ... I didn’t like him at all, and I quickly erased it and put it to hell ... Then, after a while, I got it again, I wanted to combine with another lacquer, the same story, took him out of sight ... For the third time, he already appeared before me in all its glory! Only then, I was able to discern all its beauty and love!
• Colour: this year I have turquoise insanity ... this turquoise is called “daring” for me, I don’t know why ... The tint is rather unusual, blue-green-turquoise ... In different lighting conditions it is different. Plus, the shallow blue shimmer, which sometimes casts in pink ... generally marvelous)))))
• texture: It is liquid and semi-transparent! One coat of varnish is something scary! Two is already better, but in 3 layers - that’s it! The entire depth of color is immediately revealed!
• brush: comfortable brush. I did not cause any complaints.
• dries out quickly. With drying Seche Vite - 5-7 minutes.
• durability: better than previous OPI. It is possible that the presence of a shimmer prolongs the life of the varnish, this lasts 3-4 days with a bang!
• erased complicated. Shimmer, although not large, but still some efforts need to be made.
Well, I propose to see all the beauty in the photo. (different lighting: flash, daylight, artificial lighting - this is all to show how it can be different)
In the photo with flash, varnish gives the effect of holography)))) beauty))))

Price: 120 rub per 3.75 ml.
Rating: 5-
Well, in the end, I can say that the varnish turned out to be similar to the color of my New Year's dress with him was part of the photo.
Also, I would like to explain why it’s impudent ... I just associate it with something impudent (clumsy little phrase ...)
And for the surroundings - a photo with makeup, so to speak, the image with which I see this varnish. But! and in everyday life, on a summer day, this varnish was not superfluous! Although ... still, not a very familiar shade for me ... but I'll get used to it ...
Thanks to everyone who looked in, looked through and read my post!
Your sasha!
P.S. so how? Is there even a drop of insolence?

Watch the video: OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise (February 2020).