And where is the delight? Wet 'n' Wild Blue had Me at Hello Eyeshadow Palette

Hello, beautiful girls!
I am a victim of advertisements, posts, videos! I just can’t help but try something new in the cosmetics industry, and even if “this is something” is so praised by thousands! So this time. I decided to try Wet 'n' Wild Blue had Me at Hello Eyeshadow Palette.

Who cares what came of it, then I ask for a cut
I thought for a long time to buy this palette for me or not. On the Internet, there are simply a lot of positive reviews for this brand, and what beautiful girls with these pallets make these make-ups is simply a sight for sore eyes!
My hands are growing in the wrong place, the shape of the eyes is also not so hot, so I rarely use shadows somehow. But then summer came, I bought myself a beautiful dress, I had to make up the right makeup. I wanted to experiment, something brighter. And then I remembered that there was one bright palette and for the price of nothing at all 8 euros, I think it wasn’t and I bought it.
I very rarely buy cheap cosmetics, not because I'm rich and have nowhere to get money, but vice versa. No wonder they say, I'm not so rich to buy cheap things! If it comes to cosmetics, then the saying is about me. Somehow it happened that the cosmetics of the mass market never caused me enthusiasm (BeYu exception), because I always had to be disappointed, in quality, in shades, durability, etc. A good luxury cosmetics, very rarely when it saddens me. Therefore, I'd rather spend a certain amount of money on one good thing than buy 2 or 3 for the same money, but at the same time I will not use it and get a lot of disappointments!
I must say right away that this palette is no exception and proves once again that it costs exactly its money and not a cent more!
A little about the palette itself;
The number of shades in the palette is 8, they are all very well matched and harmoniously combined! 5 shades in a palette mother-of-pearl, 2 shades with a shimer and 1 matte black. The palette is divided into 2 compositions in which 4 colors, they are in turn marked for certain areas of the eyes. It’s quite convenient for beginners and such unskilled ones as I, and whoever has enough imagination, then the number of combinations is simply a lot! The colors in the palette are simply divine, but all the virtues end there!

And now I’ll start to smash! Firstly, the quality of the packaging itself is simply terrible, although I think for such money it is excusable, in a word cheap plastic. But packaging is not the main thing! Unfortunately, the quality of the shadows leaves much to be desired! When you try to type on your finger, but pigmentation is even nothing, the shadows are quite soft. But for a century, shadows behave disgustingly, they are soooo loose, it makes no sense to apply them without a base, they are also hard to put out, the color saturation is simply washed off and a dirty stain begins to form instead of color when shading (this applies to dark blue shades). Matte black, it is better not to touch it at all, very loose like chalk, while baldly applied and becomes not black but dirty gray! Shadows with sparkles are quiet horror - all the sparkles show off and there is no trace of a beautiful shade. Out of the whole palette, there are only 3 shades of good quality: blue, silver and aquamarine! Here they are drawn to being called shadows. They are well pigmented, well stewed and not showered so much!
I understand that I am armless, but so much so ... yet it seems to me it is not in me, but in the quality of the shadows. Sorry, but constantly wiping the crumbling shadows with a cotton pad and suffering with shading - this is not at all what I expected!
Here are swatches, applied without a base to show the shades as they are!

Already at the swatch it is clear that the last row of black shadows - well, just no! Dark blue shades remain so only on the hand
I didn’t exaggerate about the flowability, look ... I always brush the shadows from the brush, I also type in the brush gently, but in the end ...

And now the shadows are in use. Girls, I’m sorry not to criticize makeup, I rarely paint my eyes, shading is lame - therefore we look only at colors
Here is the first example. Used blue, silver and dark blue without a shimer. I have no complaints about the first two colors, but in order to achieve at least a little blueness and maintain the shade, I had to try really hard!

And here, in general, it didn’t smell blue

And here is the second example. I fell in love with this shade of aquamarine! He is the most worthy of the whole palette! Other shades in this example have no relation to this palette.

Price: 8 Euro
Rating: 3 (and then only because there were a couple of decent shades in it both in color and quality)
Do I advise: no! but those who can overcome difficulties or cope well with eye makeup, you can try.
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