Circus Games - My First Glitter

Being a wild conservative in terms of manicure and a coward in terms of experiments - I always admired the posts where you use different unusual things - glitters, mica, matte coatings. I admired, but thought that it was not for me. But curiosity triumphed. Once again, defiling past the Essence rack, I grabbed this glitter. He’s not a beginner at the Beautician - but who cares what happened with me, please, under the cut!

The main character of the post is Essence Nail Art Special Effect! 02 Circus Confetti

To begin with, I propose to consider the composition of glitter closer:
It can be seen here that glitter has four types of plates - large, medium (2 types) and small.
The largest - hexagons - gold, silver, turquoise, red, green
Medium, round: larger ones are purple and green, and smaller ones are blue.
And the smallest - round gold.
Well, definitely circus confetti, full compliance with the name.
Thus, in the presence of such a number of colors, I found this glitter universal, that is, suitable for any varnish.
We pass to manicure experiments:
Option One: Pure Circus.
The base was Sophin # 27 varnish. I just went through all my nails, especially not laying out and not trying. This was the first experience with glitter. Ah, I didn’t know then, fool, how then I would have to tear off this beauty

And, yes, so I went to work after a vacation. And, as it turned out, the use of glitter is the only variant of changes in the nails that my MCH noticed.
Option Two: Gentle.
Then my mom came to my aid again, who kindly agreed to participate in the writing of the post. She uses Orly LOLA varnish No. 40660 and she applied glitter only on her ring finger. In my opinion, cute and unobtrusive, even at 46

The third option. Disco
I considered this option the most appropriate and adequate. After that as I peeled off the glitter after the first performance, I decided that I should tie it with the coating of all 10 nails to them, and limit myself to two, maximum four.
The long-abandoned varnish Rimmel PRO 425 My Denim came to my aid. This time I laid out a maximum of sparkles on my ring finger, and for the most part I walked with a brush once. Here's what happened:

Evaluation of the product: probably still 5 (if I understood something in this ...)
Waiting for your advice on using glitter!
And, dear colleagues, how do you remove glitters?

(I admit, after the first option I had to cut a little even ...)
Regards, Lena.

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