A piece of Brazil in my varnish makeup

Today I will show varnishes from the Brazilian collection of the OPI brand, which I looked out for and decided to purchase using swatch on the net.

OPI Nail Lacquer I Sao Paulo Over There NL A62
Taup cream with a purple note, in 2 layers looks great, it is distributed itself, which I just adore! It is very easy to apply, does not numb over the cuticle. The texture of the cream, but very thick, let’s say, perfectly thick cream, a large density would already be too much and difficulties in applying. 2 layers and flawless coverage provided! It is worn perfectly 4 days, then the tips are overwritten. It is removed without problems.
Rating: 5.

Of course, I found with whom to compare him ... (without comparison I will not)
In bottles they are very similar
The difference is already visible on the nails

OPI Nail Lacquer You Dont Know Jacquesi NL F15 - liquid cream, taupe with a brown note, requiring 3 layers for perfect coverage. Purchasing it at the time, I wanted the shade to be exactly the same as I Sao Paulo Over There.
OPI Nail Lacquer Scores A Goal! NL A63
A complex, beautiful burgundy-brown-purple cream that changes at different lighting angles.
According to TX is the same as his brother, described above.
Rating: 5.

And here its variability is clearly visible

OPI Nail Lacquer Live.Love.Carnaval NL A69
Coral cream, let’s say, is diluted-coral, dense, of medium density, does not numb over the cuticle, it is easy to apply evenly. The 1st layer terribly bald and striped, the 2nd corrects the situation more or less, but it’s not enough for my idea of ​​the ideal coating and I applied the 3rd layer.
Dries 10-15 minutes, its gloss is enough to wear without a top.
Worn 4 days in excellent condition, removed easily and cleanly.
Rating him 4, for baldness with stripes))))

And another comparison ...
Of course, it has a common tone with my favorite OPI Nail Lacquer I eat mainely lobster NL T30.
But Lobster, a varnish with a shimmer and a dull gloss, is liquid and not dense, and the Carnival does not require a top, does not have a shimmer, is dense and brighter from this.
Another proof that everything had once been ... but I love this shade and buying a Carnival saved me from buying a second Lobster)))))
A comparison was also made with my summer favorite Anny Nail Lacquer Scandalous lives of N.y. # 173

The price for each is 425 p. in an online store.
That's all for today. But I must admit that this is not all the representatives of the Brazilian collection ... of course I took the red OPI Nail Lacquer Red Hot Rio NL A70, but I decided to show it together with another red from Anny in a similar tone, so I will introduce it later))) )))

Watch the video: OPI Brazil Collection: Live Application & Review (February 2020).