Funds from Oriflame. Overview

Today I bring to your attention a small review on the funds of the Swedish company Oriflame.
At that time I needed an eye cream, to replace the finished cream from Yves Rocher from the series for sensitive skin, and a means to remove makeup residue from the face, since I don’t fully trust tonics in this matter.

So, for the role of eye cream was chosen:
1. The cooling cream-pencil for a century "Active oxygen" from Oriflame - Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Eye Stick. Volume 6.5 gr.
Manufacturer: A cooling cream in a convenient compact stick form instantly refreshes and cools the skin around the eyes and relieves fatigue. The cream contains caffeine, which reduces puffiness, and a natural extract of brown algae, which perfectly stimulates skin respiration.
This stick was chosen precisely because of its shape and the manufacturer's promises about cooling the skin around the eyes, summer is coming. The tool is a pleasant blue color, quite dense, they suggest applying, leading the stick on the bone around the eye. Despite the density, the skin does not stretch at all, slight cooling is present, but not too long, about 5-6 minutes. Enough to freshen up, but not enough to freeze))).
In general, the tool turned out to be extremely convenient, it does not need to be squeezed out, distributed, wait until it is absorbed without a trace. It is enough to pick up, remove the cover, clear around the eyes, and after 5 minutes you can already paint the eyes.
The product removes swelling and tones the skin a little, but I would not expect long-term or strong hydration, since it is applied very well with a very thin layer and is not a particularly nutritious remedy. This is a good refreshing stick for the eyes for the summer for the skin without any problems, so in my plans there is a place for eye cream for the winter.
Let's take a closer look at the stick itself
Rating: 5 (refreshes, tones, removes swelling)
Next in line
2. Oriflame Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser Micellar Cleansing Lotion. Volume 200 ml.
Manufacturer: In the morning and evening, apply the Diamond Cellular Micellar Cleansing Lotion with massage movements on the face and neck using a cotton pad. Carefully remove dirt and makeup residues in one motion without rinsing with water. Suitable for all ages. It will help out the owners of sensitive skin and is used to remove makeup residues and delicate cleansing of skin prone to allergic reactions.
List of ingredients: Aqua, butylene glycol, coco-glucoside, c12-13 pareth-9, glycerin, imidazolidinyl urea, sodium benzoate, parfum, lactic acid, allantoin, sodium citrate, tuber aestivum extract, sucrose dilaurate, polysorbate 20, pisum sativum extract , caprylyl glycol, p-anisic acid, citric acid.

It was bought thanks to the alluring word "micellar". I have long promised to buy myself micellar water again from Vichy, but somehow it’s not fate, but here such promises are for only 400 rubles. I can write on my own that the product doesn’t really remove makeup badly, although I wouldn’t call it micellar, it seems to me that the cat wept there, and maybe left with dry eyes))). The remedy is not bad, but a couple of times it caused me a short redness of the ciliary edge on the upper eyelids, it really passed quickly, and it was noticeable, only because I tried to notice its effect on the skin of the face, and did not look closely and would not see. But I decided for myself that I’ll crawl and will not buy it anymore. I will not call this tool too economical, I mainly use it only to remove makeup residues from the eyes and rarely on the entire face, and at the same time I have already left almost half of the bottle in 1.5 months. I think with its full use it will last only 2 months. I would also like to note its inconvenient dispenser, not only does it spit contents in all directions, where they don’t ask, but it also spins there unnecessarily, which makes it difficult to extract the product from it. Packaging is beautiful, but not finalized.
Rating: 4- (beautiful, but uncomfortable)
And the review ends with a small whim, taken simply out of curiosity
3. Soap "Secrets of the Amazon" from Oriflame - Oriflame Amazonia Soap Bar. Volume 100 gr.
Soap from a series of body care products Secrets of the Amazon.
Manufacturer: Passiflora tropical flower extract from the forests of the virgin Amazon, has a calming and relaxing effect. The antioxidant properties of the flower and its cleansing ability will protect your skin and leave a light, fresh scent of life-giving moisture on it.
I repeat, I bought it out of curiosity, because in general I feel an incomprehensible to me love for all kinds of soap products. You can’t say much about him. Soap is like soap, the foam is soft, it is washed well, the skin does not dry out much. The smell is perfumed and herbal. It ends quickly, but I do not use it alone, but with the whole family.
Rating: 4+ (soap like soap)
As a conclusion, I’ll add that I don’t really like network or catalog brands, with the exception of some, but I undeniably admit the fact that they often have successful products. My dislike of their products is not connected in any way, it is rather a reaction to an intrusive service, so it is up to you to try or not to try mass-market cosmetics.
That's all for now.
Thanks for attention.

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