Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

Yesterday I accidentally went into Rive Gauche, was not going to buy anything there at all) But I went to the Chanel stand and saw autumn varnishes! I could not resist) I love this gamut! I grabbed two of the three presented in the collection, and pleased went home to try them! Already on the way, I remembered that just yesterday we chatted at work with colleagues and one said that Chanel's autumn collection was coming out on August 15!) And just thinking about it, I remembered that Dada, today is precisely August 15th!
Here they are!

Chanel Frenzy gray-beige cream. In the store it seemed to me that it was cold in tone)
There are two layers)
Its texture is very light! It is very transparent in one layer! I would say that it is jelly.

Of course, I immediately climbed to look for analogues) But I never found it!
Here you can see the warm subtona of Frenzy) Especially against the background of the cold MAC Oyster Shell, which turned out to be precisely because Frenzy is perceived as light gray in color) But not everything is so simple in it!)

here it’s even better to see what's what!)

Then I remembered that I still have winter Zoya Avery and Kennedy)
And in the sun it’s warm, which is logical, of course!

Honestly, from the photo I can say that it is the color of cocoa with milk, but in my hands, for some reason, I see it completely different ... very light, inconspicuous nude!)
And the second autumn handsome Chanel Vertigo. Here Chanel, as usual, wrapped up the crazy shimmer, which is only in the bottle)))

And on nails like that!

By texture, it is most dense than Frenzy. It fits evenly and without stripes, one layer will be enough for many) I like two) on both photos there are two layers)

But still beautiful, after all) Autumn, dusty!
Could compare only with Paradoxal, and even this is not a comparison) They are very different)

In Paradoxal, the color is more clearly visible) and when viewed, you can see a shimmer, in Vertigo I broke my eyes, but did not find these magical shimmers

and a two-color manicure option)

Here's a fall in 2012 at Chanel!
Score for both varnishes: 5!
Price: 1169 without discount in Rive Gauche.

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