Catrice Infinite matt up to 18h foundation, hue 010

Full Product Name in English: Catrice Infinite matt up to 18h
The photo:

Recently I saw a beautician review on this foundation. The next day I ran to the store and took it for my test. What did not regret a bit!

To begin with, my skin is really problematic. I have been treating her for a long time with a dermatologist (fortunately, successfully), and during this time I managed to try a lot of tonal remedies. Besides the fact that my skin is oily, it is also dehydrated, most of the products either float on me literally in a few hours, or clog into the wide pores, or simply peel off all possible peeling, along with everything else.
I tried luxury cosmetics, and the masses, and Korean bb cream - almost all by. And finally, my gaze fell on this foundation.

Detailed view:
As you can see, the cream is quite thick, does not spread on the hand when pressed. But despite this, his coverage is unusually light. I don’t feel it on the skin. In my opinion, his hiding power is good. This partly bribed me :) I’m not looking for a way to hide everything, everything on my face, but just a slightly aligned tone is not enough for me.


As you can see, he hid a good pimple and a trace from it. In the center, where the wound has not yet healed, he slightly emphasized peeling, but it is almost imperceptible. Moreover, I can hardly imagine how a cream can evenly lie on a protruding wound with peeling. In general, the cream does not emphasize the disadvantages - my nose is constantly flaking, almost all tonal creams are collected on it, and the catrice tonal cream lies flat. Not even in the best of times :)
The cream stays on my oily skin all day. By the end of the day, you can slightly powder, but in general, the cream does not peel off the face. I’m not sure about the 18 declared hours, but he definitely stands on me for 10 hours.
Unfortunately, I was not able to more accurately photograph how the cream lies, but in this photo it can be seen that it lay flat and did not look like a mask:

It may seem that he strongly whitens me because of the difference with the neck, but this is not so. This is a defect in lighting, as daylight fell on the face, and the neck was in the shade. Hue 010 fits me perfectly. And my light skin is not so easy to choose a shade.
As cons, I can highlight these same shades - there are only 4 of them. That is, I do not think that everyone will find there for himself what is needed.
And the dispenser - one click is enough on my face, but sometimes it takes a little more cream and it is not always easy to squeeze out a little.
But as for me, these minuses are interrupted by all the above pluses :)
Rating: 5- (minus for the dispenser and a small number of shades)
Cost: 330 rubles.
Test period: 2 months
My name is Jeanne, to me on the "you" :)

Watch the video: Gegenüber: CATRICE Infinite Matt & Photo Finish Foundation (February 2020).