Bourjois Flower Perfection powder is an irreplaceable little thing !. Swatch on hand added

Hello Beautician!
A month ago, I was looking for a simple white powder to fix makeup - one of the very necessary things in the work of a makeup artist. Moreover, a newcomer like me, because my “models” are girlfriends, we all have an age of 18-20, which means that our nose and forehead shine brighter than the sun.
And I found a very interesting powder - Bourjois FLOWER PERFECTION New Generation Loose Powder.

What the manufacturer does not promise:
Bourjois versatile loose powder, enriched with wild azalea extract that can protect youth at the cellular level, conceals minor skin imperfections, but does not make it dull - thanks to the silicon minerals and optical pigments contained in it. And thanks to the high concentration of soft focus microparticles - one stroke of the brush - and your skin smoothes out, small flaws and wrinkles are smoothed out, the tone becomes perfect!
To keep your skin youthful, Bourjois, while always taking care of protecting your beauty, includes SPF 15 sunscreen in the new generation of loose powder Flower Perfection powder.
Thanks to its ultra-light texture, the new generation of powder perfection Flower Perfection is extremely easy to apply! A special strainer inside the jar allows you to strictly dose the amount of powder that is applied using the luxurious Flower Perfection brush - the skin structure is smoothed, it becomes simply amazing!
Detailed opinion:
I am my own experimental rabbit ... Everything, absolutely everything I have to test on myself before doing makeup to someone else. But this powder took root in my personal cosmetic bag!
The producer’s odes, of course, cannot be called 100% true - otherwise this powder would become a must-have for girls all over the planet. But the powder is good, definitely good! She's grinding like flour - and she looks the same But she doesn't look like flour on her face! To powder the whole face, you need quite a bit, but the powder does not whiten even with more abundant application. Matting is not bad, about 3 hours in the heat - for sure, the powder passed a crash test in the Crimea. It does not swim, does not print on the phone, does not get enough sleep from the can due to an internal strainer, smoothes the skin a little and is pleasant, but smells pretty strong! Sweet, with flowers, but it is felt during application. Perhaps for some it will be a minus.
Her design is like for Barbie. Pink flower box, smell, pinkish-white shade of the powder itself.
By the way, a special brush is sold for her, but I apply a professional powder brush.
All in all a great product! I advise those who are looking for powder to fix tonal means.
This is more than enough to generously powder an entire face.
Pour on the hand and remove the macro:
Here is from a distance in front of the window:
Grinded / shaded:
Here I am tired after a long walk in Khersones, the sun, the wind, all the joys of life and almost no make-up - Vichy's powder, the heroine of the post (to muffle Vichy's sparkle) and mascara.
Powder Weight: 5 g
Price: about 500 rubles
Test period: month
Rating: 5+
My name is Anna.
Thanks for attention!

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