Canary trip with summer beauties: Misa Dirty Sexy Money and Nubar Faded Jeans

Well then. Yesterday, with regret, it should be noted))), I realized that summer inevitably comes to an end. Slowly I already want to glance at deeper shades, taupe, burgundy, red, purple and so on. And blue and others like them will again be waiting for their time of year.
My passion is traveling. In this post, I invite you to travel with me to Tenerife, and look at 2 varnishes that I liked much more than Dior.
Well, it is always nice to share pleasant emotions and memories. And if this post helps someone in choosing a varnish - I will be glad!
Welcome to a little Canary trip

First I will show 2 heroes of this post
And with the names
First, paint the nails with a varnish with a wonderful nameMisa Dirty Sexy Money and go to the Mask gorge (a village in the rocks, the path to which lies along a dizzying serpentine, but surprisingly picturesque and beautiful)
Before the descent (which took 3 hours and in places it was very hoo))) we will sit in a cafe and have a cup of coffee
And on the table we’ll take a picture of a cute cactus
Well, showing pictures from the very descent does not make sense :), there is little that can be understood about the hero of the post. But it was awesome.
The end of the path is the bay, from where the path is either back to the village (I can’t imagine how it is - I was very tired while going down, but it’s scary to even think about the climb))), or by boat to Los Gigantes. We will choose a boat :) and wait for it here:
By the way there is a beach with black volcanic sand. Very photogenic :)

About varnish: I wanted him for a long time, from the moment I realized that he was very similar to Dior Nirvana. These colors are usually only for my vacation, so I wanted something at a more affordable price.
The color is great. That's all right. I even think it is suitable for the fall! He is not too bright, even restrained, I would say. And some kind of delicate. It certainly has more green than blue. But green is not bright, but such ... mixed with a sea wave.
And the name :). Well, it's cool;). By the way, this also influenced me a little bit by clicking the "Add to Cart" button :)
And the quality. Very, very pleased. Durability is good (tested it by sea, sand, stones - kept calm for 3 days at least), it is applied easily and perfectly.
The most important thing is color. I really, really like it. I will wear it in the fall, and if necessary in the winter :)
For some reason, it seems to me that it’s such ... cheeky (the name of which is worth), but calm (not acidic)
Lacquer rating: 5 ++ (it even seems to me that of these shades this is my favorite, he even left Chanel Nouvelle Wag behind)
Price: about 8doll
And the second friend - Nubar Faded Jeans
This is a typical clan of Chanel Coco Blue, which appeared in the fall of that year in the exclusive Jeans collection and sold more expensive than the others, and caused some excitement. There were 3 varnishes in this collection, and at first I wanted everything 3. Then I traded Chanel Nouvelle Wag for one of the darkest from this trinity (I thought exclusive, did nothing in vain))), and in the spring these 3 varnishes reappeared as if nothing had happened .
So Chanel Coco Blue, I was not going to buy out of principle. This is not the color to hunt. This is one of those flowers that I personally will gladly buy from more affordable brands.
Clones of the entire Trinity of Chanel then appeared in Nubar. Many reacted badly to this, well, it seems like they quite clearly cloned the varnishes then
And I was glad that I can buy a democratic noobar and get hold of the whole trinity of shades (namely shades)
I ordered, and in general I am glad that this is Nubar :), color is not for every day in the city for sure. But on vacation is irresistible :)
With this varnish we were in Siam Park water park with an artificial beach
We walked in different towns
Swam in the ocean :)
Now about the color. It is different - really. It is blue, but with some kind of not even a shimmer, but a little mother of pearl (very, very correct). Those. it’s certainly not putty enamel, and I like it
Below the photograph in different lighting conditions it is either darker blue, while in sunlight and daylight it is almost neon
Here you can see the "overflow"
I think this is "another blue" and is different. If there weren’t this pearl shimmer, the varnish would be less interesting.
And yes, tanning - varnish is great. Under white winter hands, I think it’s not suitable for everyone :)
An ideal destination for him is a summer pedicure;)
Durability - good. 3 days in the conditions of vacation withstood well :)
Even survived to Barcelona))
And as a bonus - very wonderful and cute animals - Lemurs in Monkey park, which can be stroked and fed with dates :)
At the same time - you can see how the varnish looks on the nails from afar

Lacquer rating: 5. Just good tempering varnish and color
Price: about 8 dollars