Sisley Baume Efficace Eye and Lip Contour Balm Reviews

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I previously wrote a post about Sisley tools that I had a chance to try, now I’ll tell you about another product of this brand and my experience of using it. I hope my review will be useful to someone.
From the manufacturer:
Appointment: fight against wrinkles, dry skin and swelling under the eyes.
Refreshing clear gel, a special formula to protect the most mobile and vulnerable parts of the face. It smoothes the skin, provides effective hydration (+ 60% half an hour after the first application, with a lasting effect) and fixes makeup. Creates a feeling of comfort and freshness. Tomato phytostimulins have stimulating properties, in combination with hydrolysates of vegetable proteins, they prevent the appearance of wrinkles and drying of the skin. An ideal remedy for swelling under the eyes.
Apply in the morning on perfectly clean skin before using other products, spread with your fingertips (lightly patting movements) around the eyes and lips. It is absorbed instantly. Extremely active agent, slight tingling at the place of application is possible.

My opinion:
This is not my first Sisley product, I was satisfied with many of the used ones, but there are exceptions to all the rules, this was the effect balm for the contour of the eyes and lips of Effikas.
Transparent gel, very thick. It is not absorbed instantly, but extremely quickly 3-4 minutes, you need to apply a drop the size of a match head.
I will try to show the consistency:

1. Moisturizes and refreshes the skin.
2. Very economical, minimal consumption, if not for a limited shelf life in the open, would be enough for a year, or even more.
3. Perhaps it relieves edema, since I do not suffer from this, I definitely can’t say.
1. A volume of 30 ml, it seems to be good when there is a lot, but the shelf life of an open jar is 6 months, my shelf life is already ending, but I have not used half of the jar.
2. The smell is nasty, all Sisley products have a specific aroma (herb-pharmacy), but Effikas smells like a sushi bar for me, such a mixture of fish and green tea, brrrrr.
3. Like it or not, but it's sticky.
4. The manufacturer promises that the gel fixes makeup, it does nothing of the kind. And if you overdo it, then makeup will not work at all.
The consultant recommended that I carry the jar with me in my bag and, if necessary, apply directly over the makeup, during the day, I didn’t do that,
I used it for more than a month daily, did not notice any changes, decided not to torment myself with this “aroma” and bought another remedy for this area, and I use Effikas as a mask. A couple of times a week, I put a thick layer under my eyes, walk for 10 minutes and take off with a dry cloth.

Aqua; Hamamelis virginiana distillate; solanium lycopersicum (tomato) extract, glycerin; triethanolamine; hydrolyzed vegetable protein; carbomer; benzoic acid; phenoxyethanol; methylparaben; butylparaben; ethylparaben; propylparaben.
He will not solve global problems, and to maintain the skin in good condition, what you need is money and cheaper.
My rating: 3.
Price: 4800 without discount in Letual
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