Clean and Fresh Head with Moltobene Spa Gel Clay Esthe Spagel Cool and Premium Shiseido Shampoo "Fino Premium Toucn"

Hello dear beauties!
Today I want to share my opinion about worthy Spa gel and shampoo of Japanese manufacturers.
Interested please ask for cat :)
My hair: unpainted, long. Dry at the ends, porous, curl a little. An additional surprise is that they periodically become fat at the roots, and a crazy trial of the scalp also begins. I begin to count and rarely, but still find grains (I don’t know how to explain exactly, they look like semolina).
With temporary surprises, so to speak, Moltobene Clay Esthe Spagel Cool gel helps me cope
The photo:
Convenient nose for applying the product on the scalp

Composition: Water, green clay, betaine, hydrolyzed silk, horsetail extract, tangerine peel extract, dioecious nettle extract, coltsfoot flowers, rosemary leaves, sage, three-leaved leaves, birch bark, yarrow, citric acid, sea salt, menthol.
Detailed opinion: Oh girls, this is my salvation! Literally today I combed the head of the head and turned to him. It smells of menthol. The texture is this ... umm ... it reminds me of the lubricant used with ultrasound)
After application, a pleasant refreshing chill is applied to the skin. Gradually its bright “refreshment” passes and bliss sets in. The skin is soothed. An incredible feeling of cleanliness. For me, he performs an additional cleansing for slightly oily roots (somehow she tried to use Kerastase shampoo for oily hair at the roots and terribly dried her hair, so she ended up experimenting with it). Great exfoliates.
Rating: Solid 5!
Price: about 700-800 rubles
Test period: more than a year
Premium Shiseido Hair Shampoo "Fino Premium Touch" Moist, 550ml
The photo:

Detailed opinion: Great shampoo for daily use! Perfectly foams, gently cleans hair. It does not make heavier, does not oily, does not dry. Everything is fine) Sometimes I use it even without a balm. Hair after application smells nice, not intrusive. Such a good-quality salon smell. Hair shines remarkably. Moisturized (how much shampoo can handle)
My bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser - one click is enough for the entire length. But I like to wash my hair 2 times (This is personally my quirk, so to speak). In the first application, I thoroughly rinse, massage. For repeated application, half the pressure on the pump is enough. I apply, foam and do not leave for a long time (Literally 1-2 minutes).
I will show you the swatch consistency. Pearly, moderately thick and fairly liquid. In general, the texture is very good and pleasant)

Price: Present
Rating: Surely 5!
Test period: 8 months.
Lastly, a photo of my hair) More precisely, a piece

Thank you for your attention, I hope it was useful)
Sincerely, Katya)