Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

I do not know where my brain was when I bought this varnish Honestly. I love berry, neon, dark ... yes any, but not "gold" varnishes! But the insidious consultant showed me this:
This is not varnish, but real liquid gold! ... Poured into pretty bottles. How can you stand here?))
And, by the way, this "gold" fits perfectly on your nails and hides bumps!
In bright daylight, exactly yellow gold!
But in the shade I like him better.
From afar, the nails really look metallic. Isn't that a class?)
But, perhaps, the pros end here because:
- by the evening of the first day, the socks are wiped off and cracks may appear (thanks to the color, this is not striking, but the fact itself is unpleasant)
- no basics and super-durable tops can extend the durability of the coating
- the varnish quickly thickens in a bottle and is also quickly consumed (only 3 "colors", and a third of the bottle is gone)
Because of the above disadvantages, I can’t put the top five, but I still like him, and I'm not sorry at all for the money spent. And the point here is not that this is a "Chanel." He is just very good :)
Rating: 4-
Price: about 800 rub. with discount
Thank you for your attention, Anya.

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