Givenchy Matissime - Matting Powder, No. 12

Long time ago I didn’t write anything ...
I really miss communicating on the site ... now I have a lot of work, there is practically no personal time ... unfortunately ... even on my next vacation I can’t fly away ... and the tickets were bought very long ago ...
Today's post will be devoted to powder, as everyone already understood)
Autumn has already arrived, more dense textures, foundation powders will soon come into use, therefore it was on this product that my gaze stopped when I decided what to tell you about!
Givenchy Matissime - Matting Powder, No. 12
The photo:

Detailed opinion: I have had powder in my piggy bank since March, but I practically did not use it, since this is not powder - this is a complete disappointment!
Firstly, the shade for me at the moment is very bright!
Secondly, it lays very badly on my skin - some kind of inhomogeneous layer, dense (I apply it with a brush), loose, pores even more, doesn’t merge with the skin, the tone doesn’t even even out!
Thirdly, it is wildly unstable, it was used several times in March-April, even during this period, which is rather cool with us, the powder behaved badly - it crawled away, the nose began to shine, the skin looked untidy! And this is with my normal skin type!
Matting did not notice ...
I don’t clog pores, and that’s good, although I don’t care, I won’t use this powder!
I like her compact packaging, which is made very soundly. But the sponjik pumped up, its edges turn up, applying powder to them normally is simply impossible.
Swatch was made back in March ... (only decorative cosmetics):
Bare face. What a pale spring I was):
Powder Only:

I like my skin more without this powder than with it ...
And now, in comparison with the powder foundation Dior Diorskin Forever Compact Flawless Perfection Fusion Makeup SPF 25 PA ++ - Permanent foundation powder, tone 010
I made a post about her here Dior
A striking difference ... Dior really love and will buy more and more ...
Rating: difficult to assess for me she is at 2.
Price: It seems like about 1800 rubles. with a 25% discount.
Test period: since March 2012
Thank you for your attention, Beauties.

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