Armani Rouge D'Armani Lipstick Reviews

Hello girls!
Today I will tell you about my branded or delusional fondant girlfriends. There are three representatives in the arena, made in different countries: Japan, Italy and France.

First about my old lady Sensai the lipstick 07 sekichiku (made in Japan)
According to the manufacturer, this lipstick with a rejuvenating effect. She is one of the brand’s most expensive lipsticks. Its cost is about 50 euros.
First of all, it is worth noting the design. Everything is very concise and simple, in the hand a lipstick weighty, but not as heavy as, for example, Guerlain.
All mechanisms work exactly like a watch, there’s no squeak for you, nor cheap plastic, nor numerous abrasions. I have been using it for about 7 months and she, in my opinion, is in excellent condition. It is made of metal, there is an invisible mesh inside the case, so it's impossible to find fault with the manufacture.
Sensei’s texture is unconventional, it is difficult to call it soft or clay. It is quite thick and intense in color. In shade 07 sekichiku there are a lot of small golden spangles. The coating when using the shade gives a dense. On the lips felt "spangles" like a macro of grains of sand. In the process of using lipstick, these very grains of sand gradually dissolve in color, but shiny overflows remain.
Another plus, when you apply lipstick in this shade to weather-damaged sponges in this shade, everything is hidden. Her stamina is excellent. If you apply it at 12 days, arrange a quick lunch, then you can calmly continue to solve the problems of the day, without worrying about color. Naturally, it fades, but on the lips until the last remains a slight shade and gloss. So 4 hours you can live with her without correction.

My mark: 5+
I use lipstick for about a year.
The youngest (5 months) Dolce & Gabbana provocative 280 (made in Italy)
I did not expect miracles from her, despite the enthusiastic reviews, since with one universal favorite I had already burned by this time, but about her a little later. I was attracted by the shade of this lipstick. He was so bright among his brothers. Holding a tube of lipstick in my hand, I realized that not all is gold that glitters. The stick is made of weightless plastic and painted in a golden metal color ...
Inside the lipstick case is cheap white plastic. For that kind of money, and even after Sensei I wanted to see something equal. In less than a month, in the chaotic hanging out at the bottom of the bag, the lipstick turned into something completely unsightly and ugly. (I have a very active life and even have a cosmetic bag in my bag, but I don’t always have time to focus on my actions: first get the lipstick, then pack it carefully)
Cold violet-pink shade with numerous silver shine is an elegant combination. Examining the lipstick before applying it creates the feeling that when used, it will lie like the painted lips of a Barbie doll. But on the hands and lips the color fades, it "sits" on the natural pigment and adapts, choosing the right tonality. Strongly change the color saturation does not work, you can only adjust the gaps. For me, this color is perfect in two layers. Then it turns out exactly what you need.

The lipstick is scented with delicate and pleasant rose oil. Unobtrusive subtle smell of cosmetics. In this case, this is a plus, since everything is in moderation. According to the tactile sensations, there is a drier base than Sensei and is comfortable in it. But, it is comfortable only when there are no skin problems, no peeling and other troubles, it will not hide defects. Lipstick is not erased as naturally and evenly as the first. Most likely, it's all about color. Lipstick lasts about 2-3 hours without lunch. She can stand coffee / tea, but fatty foods will be fatal for her. Even when washing off with oil, I noticed that the texture with it is in confict, it reacts very quickly to it and dissolves in it without resistance. Despite minor flaws, I like Dolce & Gabbana provocative 280. I will buy another color or repeat this one. I consider packaging to be the main and main drawback, it’s not very comfortable for me to get it out of my bag, it feels like lipstick came from my great-grandmother, who has been protecting her since the Second World War.
My rating: 4
I use 5 months.
Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani 507 (made in France)
I promised not to buy what everyone likes. Well, it so happened that I very often do not like what everyone is doing. Either my taste is picky, or I don’t know how to worship what is accepted ... or I'm just different. I don’t get into a trance when buying lipstick, whether for 10 euros or 70. I absolutely do not care what is written on it, for me it is important how it complements my image. How comfortable I am with her. This applies not only to lipstick, but also to the perception of shopping in general.
So, Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani 507, made in France. I am very skeptical about the brand when it takes production out of its country. Well, one thing is that only lazy jeans do not sew them over a hill. And here is cosmetics .... somehow I want that, when buying an Italian brand, the country's traditions would be felt. But here Armani disappoints the buyer and deceives him.
Rouge d'Armani is hidden in a tube of dense and fairly high-quality plastic, it does not scratch on trifles and trifles. It closes on a magnet and the lipstick has the shape of a curved tube. But the internal design is as shaky as Dolce & Gabbana.
When applied, it is primarily striking with what layer the color lies. If it weren’t for his wet shine, then I would call this lipstick plasticine. As my practice shows, lipstick doesn’t really moisturize. When using, I always want to put something on my lips all the time. Unexpected discomfort from such a texture. By the way, all the defects, despite its polishing properties, it will only emphasize. Her resistance is small, she goes from the center to the edges. Only gloss remains on the lips. By the way, I would better rename it lipstick-shine. Because it is very similar in behavior to this product of the cosmetics industry.

My rating: 3
I use about 6 months.

Total: Sensai the lipstick 07 sekichiku and Dolce & Gabbana provocative 280 share the first place in care and resistance.
In the nomination, Sensai the lipstick 07 wins.
Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani 507. The “bad purchase or finish quickly!” Prize. I will give the award for the “pragmatic design” of the same lipstick.
Thanks for attention!