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Good evening everyone!
I want to tell you about recently purchased hair products

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I bought these funds when I ended up in my favorite store, which my friend and I called “delicious” - since it contains an incredible amount of care products for everything that requires leaving a person. As you know, the temptations of the sea, add a competent consultant to this and here, you won’t leave without a purchase! Fortunately, the store is in another city and often I don’t go there
So, let's start the debriefing.
The first novelty is Planeta Organica A thick Aleppo hair and body soap based on organic olive oil, noble laurel and damask rose oils, Syria

The relatively natural composition (without sls and parabens) and the incredible smell of pink turkish delight bribed me in this product
Soap has a gel consistency, exactly like Siberian black soap for a bath. It is used sparingly, foams well and spreads easily through the hair. It is very pleasant to use it, my blonde hair (!) Smoothes out during washing, and does not mix up a piece of tow. You can’t do without balm at all, but you need it just a little bit. Excellent for washing hair. The smell of Turkish delight quickly disappears. I am very pleased with the purchase, I think I will buy it again.
Price: 198 rub
Duration of use: month
Rating: 5

The next hero asking for a story about soap is Meitan SHIMAO Egg Moisturizing Hair Balm

With my hair, pretty much spoiled by a mocking experiment, the transition from blonde to dark brown and back in about a month, I became a fan of thick hair balms, more liquid simply can not cope with their task and it is not possible to comb. And not all thick balms help me - hundreds of them have already been tried.
This balm is relatively thick. In the photo, where the consistency is shown, it can be seen that in the jar, at an angle, the balm flows to the edge. It’s a little liquid for me. But it was decided to try. Girls, balm - just a miracle! He needs literally a little bit so that he can even cope with my hair. Smoothes, untangles and moisturizes hair "with a bang!". The smell is sweet, I can not characterize it, but, rather, perfumery. But the hair does not last long.
Price: I don’t remember exactly, a little more than 200 rubles per can of 500 ml
Duration of use: month
Rating: 5

Well, the last resort for today is Angel Professional Paris Water Element Nourishing cream

According to the manufacturer, the cream contains NMF (what it is - I never found) ocean animals, nourishes and moisturizes hair. Made from many types of plants, accelerates the restoration of hair cells, prevents them from oxidation, makes hair shiny.
I decided on the purchase only because the consultant assured me that the cream just works wonders, that many regular customers come to it purposefully for it, and from Moscow they come by boxes in general to buy it, I exaggerate it a bit, but I really praised this cream. Yes, and honestly, I was seduced by the smell! He was decisive. Perfume, for me personally, fantastically pleasant
The use of the cream is confused. I don’t like these difficulties, but what can I do, I’ve bought it: cream is applied to clean hair (the “necessary amount” of hmmm ... but how can I understand how much this is?) hot towel, aged 10-15 minutes and washed off with warm water.
I thought for a long time, where can I get this very thing - a hot towel? And how is it not at all to turn hot into hot? Do not hold an iron on your head! I even went online to search. As a result, the least delirious explanation is a towel dipped in hot water and well wrung out. I went to heat the towel, scald my hands ... I wrapped a towel around my head, and it naturally began to cool much earlier than the necessary 10-15 minutes. I also had to put a bag on my head to keep warm.
In general, I tell you, the cream makes the hair soft and shiny, smooths them. And on curly hair, I think, in general, will give a gorgeous effect! Hair will cascade! On my own hair, I did not notice the striking difference "before" and "after". Perhaps because my hair is already relatively treated. However, they look very sleek. It was also tested on a friend, on not dyed hair - split ends were smoothed, as if they were not there.
The smell of cream on my hair lasts a very long time, I am delighted with it and therefore is a plus for me, but who does not like it - be careful!
In the end, I’ll say that the cream is good, but I probably won’t buy it anymore. In general, and in general, my hair already looks quite lively and shiny, there is no need for this product.
Price: 590 rub
Duration of use: month
Rating: 4 for minor inconvenience to use

In conclusion - a photo of hair. Washed with thick Allepian soap, Angel Professional Paris Water Element Nourishing cream is applied, and dried with a hairdryer.
I apologize for the putty on the face - I'm flying

Thank you for your attention, be beautiful!

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