Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer Reviews

I finally found the time to paint my latest acquisitions on the palette, it even turned out one and a half palettes:
As in previous reviews of the collection, I show in this order - photos of bottles, photos of varnishes on the palette and description below.
I will show the glitters on the palette in two versions - on white and on a black background.

La Pensee - 46 - Japanese nail polish. In a transparent base, two-dimensional hexagonal glitter, translucent, large casts green-turquoise, and small - golden-orange.
Essence: Nail Art, special effect topper - 11 disco disco - a transparent base and silver holographic (shimmering in all colors of the rainbow) glitter: the largest square and hexagonal of three sizes - large, smaller and more small. Indeed, it shines and shimmers like a disco ball.

OPI: The Muppets Collection (2011) - fresh frog of bel air - in a transparent base, small green and large silver glitter, both hexagonal.
OPI: New York City Ballet Collection (2012) - pirouette my whistle - a transparent base, very small silver glitter and large silver-gray not very shiny hexagons.

Zoya: Fleck Effect Collection - maisie - translucent blue base and greenish-blue mica.
Zoya: Fleck Effect Collection - opal - translucent green base and bluish-green mica.
Zoya: Fleck Effect Collection - chloe - translucent red base and greenish-golden-orange mica.

Color Club: Untamed Luxury Collection - covered in diamonds - a transparent base and a very unusual mica, cut into sharp, angular pieces, translucent, but cast in different shades: blue, blue, green, yellow, orange ... I would compare this with the effect of a gasoline spot - which seems to be transparent, but shimmers with a huge number of colors .
Color Club: Blossoming Collection - diamond drops - a transparent base and angular pieces of silver foil with a holographic effect.
Color Club: Backstage Pass Collection - fame & fortune - exactly the same pieces of foil, but in a translucent red and raspberry base.
The last of these three varnishes is actually included in the Color Club: Backstage Pass Collection, but I showed it along with those two, because they are similar so that they can be compared. And here is what this whole collection looks like (I purchased everything completely, because I really like glitters): 6 varnishes and top-drying:

Color Club: Backstage Pass Collection - it's a hit - a transparent base and a large hexagonal glitter of a purple hue.
Color Club: Backstage Pass Collection - backstage pass - a transparent base and a large hexagonal glitter in three colors: more silver, less - a bright fuchsia and very slightly purple, as in the previous varnish.

Color Club: Backstage Pass Collection - platinum record - a transparent base, small and large silver glitter of a hexagonal shape.
Color Club: Backstage Pass Collection - whish upon a rock-star - a transparent base, hexagonal glitter, cool purple and small: red, green, turquoise and silver.
Color Club: Backstage Pass Collection - take the stage - a transparent base, small gold hexagonal glitter and a bit of chopped silver foil with holography, as in diamond drops varnish.

OPI: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Collection (2011) - stranger tides - one of my favorite bright varnishes, I showed and described it in detail here.
OPI: Swiss Collection (2010) - ski teal we drop - cream texture, incredible beauty dark teal (a mixture of blue and green, a dark sea wave, if you want).

Catrice - 810 ACid / DC - green-yellow acid (hinted at by an intricate name) with a microschimmer.
Jessica: Muse Collection - victorian crush - creamy warm shade of khaki, the color of a military uniform.
Rimmel - 520 camouflage chic - Highlighted cold shade of khaki with silver microschimmer.

Color Club: Back to Boho Collection - artsy crafty - very dark green, coniferous cream.
Color Club: Wicked Sweet scented Collection - wicked sweet - bright blue with a greenish micro-shimmer. From a flavored collection - after drying, it smells of vanilla.
Color Club: Wicked Sweet scented Collection - get your lem-on - bright acid-lemon with a greenish micro-shimmer. From a flavored series - after drying, it smells like lemon.

Zoya: Mirrors Colection - Yara - description and swatch here.
Zoya: Smoke Colllection - Dree - description and swatch here.

Catrice - 820 pimp my shrimp - cream, bright alo-orange, really shrimp.
Catrice - 340 run forest run - cream, soft green of medium saturation.
Catrice - 840 genious in the bottle - duochrome, golden, orange, green - in general, another clone of Peridot.

Sally Hansen - 330 gray area - not at all gray, contrary to the name, brownish-purple rather dark taup, creamy texture.
Sally Hansen - 150 sun kissed -bright orange cream.

OPI: South Beach Collection (2009) - bronzed to perfection - warm brick with a reddish microschimmer and pieces of golden micromica.
OPI: International Collection (already 1991), later the shade entered the Classic Colors Collection - hong kong sunrise - a muffled, soft red with a golden microschimmer, indeed, a classic for times worth its weight.
OPI: British Collection (2003) - chocolate shake-speare - delicate peach with a microschimmer.

OPI: Bright Pair Paige Denim Collection (2009) - a grape fit! - bright light purple, lavender cream.
OPI: Swiss Collection (2010) - the color to watch - a complex lilac shade with the effect of light duochrome, with a blue and pinkish strong shimmer.
OPI: Retro Fun In The Sun Collection (2008) - sea ya later, sailor! - translucent pearl-shimmering blue with a share of turquoise.

OPI: Texas Collection (2011) - austin-tatious turquoise - the flickering and iridescent color of a sea wave.
OPI: Texas Collection (2011) - don't mess with opi - creamy cold green.
OPI: Touring America Collection (2011) - suzi takes the wheel - cream complex taupe shade, mixed with gray, green and beige. It looks like a stranger tides, but darker and with a share of beige, which is not there.

OPI: Touring America Collection (2011) - a-taupe the space needle - cream of a brown shade with a fraction of mustard and green, making it look like khaki.
OPI: Swiss Collection (2010) - glitzerland - metallic gold without yellow.
OPI: Germany Collection (2012) - don't talk bach to me - light mustard - yellow with a drop of green, with a silver microschimmer.
P.S. - For those who skipped the previous parts:
first palette, second palette, third palette, fourth palette, fifth palette.
I also don’t have Dance Legend varnishes painted on such palettes - because I used to paint them on round daisies (and then I didn’t like the daisy palettes), so I will show them separately another time when I buy new palettes ...
In the future I plan to reorganize the varnish file cabinet - these palettes are collapsible, so you can collect them by color, which I will do gradually - and finally, I will make visual photographs - comparing shades from each color scheme. And for one I hope to show how I have organized a "varnish store".
P.P.S. - As usual, you can ask questions about a specific varnish, as well as "order" swatches on your nails and post a review on one or another varnish that interests you. And in general I will be glad to comment - it is interesting to know which varnishes you liked and why.
Thank you all for your attention!

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